U.S. Senate reaches a $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending agreement | Infrastructure News

U.S. Senate reaches a $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending agreement | Infrastructure News


Republicans and Democrats in the US Senate reached an agreement on major outstanding issues, totaling $1.2 trillion infrastructure A package that plays a key role in President Joe Biden’s agenda.

The two chief negotiators in the Congress Chamber, Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Senator Rob Portman told reporters in the Capitol on Wednesday that the agreement has been reached.

The details of transit and broadband are still being finalized, but the legislators indicated that the legislative text will be completed soon. They also stated that a test vote on the measure may be held on Wednesday night.

“We do hope to move on tonight. We are very happy to reach an agreement,” Sinema said. “We have completed most of the text, so we will publish it and then update it when we complete the final part.”

When asked about the agreement during a visit to a truck factory in Pennsylvania, Biden agreed. “I am confident about it,” he said.

The senators in the 10-member bipartisan group huddled together in private Weeks In recent days, lawmakers and the White House have been trying to save the agreement reached between the two parties, which is a key part of Biden’s agenda.

In addressing the concerns of Republican lawmakers about funding issues, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Portman said that the plan “exceeded the effort.” Portman said McConnell “always encouraged our efforts.”

Procedural voting will only limit the debate on whether the Senate should start considering the bill, which is considered to be in the $1.2 trillion range.

Democrats have minimal control over the House of Representatives and Senate, and they face a timetable for action, which will be one of the most important pieces of legislation in years.

Due to some objections from both sides, the prospect of a full pass of the transaction in Congress is still uncertain.

According to reports, some conservative Republicans worry that Biden and the Democrats may gain political benefits from passing the infrastructure bill because their goal is to consolidate their weak majority in Congress in the midterm elections next year.

Some progressive Democrats believe that compromising with Republicans will not only limit progressive spending priorities, but also cannot guarantee Republicans’ cooperation in future spending bills.

According to two Democrats who attended the meeting and were interviewed by the Associated Press, at the private meeting of the House Democrats on Tuesday, the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Rep. Peter de Fazio of Oregon called the Senate two parties. The measure is completely “nonsense” on the condition of anonymity.

The results will lay the foundation for the next debate on Biden’s ambitious $3.5 trillion spending plan, a strictly partisan pursuit of far-reaching programs and services, including child care and tax relief that touch almost every corner of American life. And health care, and Republicans strongly opposed it.

What’s in the transaction?

The bill will propose a new $550 billion expenditure A Republican source told Reuters that in terms of highways, bridges, transportation, broadband, water supply systems, and other public works projects, negotiators had a drop in the $579 billion in the framework drafted a few weeks ago.

Legislators stated that the agreement includes US$110 billion for roads, US$65 billion for expanding broadband access, and US$47 billion for environmental resilience.

After Democrats rejected a plan to raise funds by increasing the gasoline tax paid by drivers at gas stations, it is unclear how the bipartisan package will be paid, while Republicans broke a push for the IRS to crack down on tax violations. s plan.

Funding may come from reusing COVID-19 relief aid, reversing the Trump-era drug tax rebate and other funding flows. If full payment is not passed when the Congressional Budget Office assesses the details, the final agreement may encounter political troubles.

At the same time, the Democrats are preparing a broader $3.5 trillion package, which is under consideration under budget rules, which allows 51 senators to pass in the divided Senate. Vice President Kamala Hari Si was able to break the tie. It will be paid by raising the corporate tax rate and the tax rate for Americans with an annual income of more than $400,000.

A recent poll by the Associated Press-NORC found that eight in ten Americans are in favor of increasing infrastructure spending.

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