Simone Biles withdrew from the finals of the women’s individual all-around gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics. Withdraw from the team finals Citing mental health issues.

Byers, the most respected gymnast in the United States, withdrew from the team final on Tuesday after struggling in an earlier vault. At the press conference, she said that she did not feel that she was in the right headspace.

Wednesday American Gymnastics Announce Byers also withdrew from the individual all-around competition, “to focus on her mental health.” Byers won the gold medal during the 2016 Olympics.

The US Gymnastics team said in a statement: “We wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and commend her for her courage to put her own well-being first.” “Her courage shows once again why she is a role model for so many people.”

Then, during the preparations for the event on Tuesday, she felt something was wrong, she told reporters. “I’m just, like, trembling, almost unable to nap,” Byers said. “I have never participated in a competition like this before. I try to go out and have fun.”

After she quit, Byers cheered for her teammates on the sidelines because they won the silver medal. She said that part of the reason for her withdrawal was that she “does not want to risk the team’s medals because of my mistakes, because they put too much effort into it.”

The US gymnastics team said that Byers “will continue to be evaluated every day” to see if she can participate in individual competitions next week.


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