Police say Jamie Frick is the second person accused of fatal shooting at Pat’s King of Steak in South Philadelphia

Police said a woman in Lebanon County was charged with murder and related crimes in a shooting case outside Pat’s King of Steaks in South Philadelphia last week.

The 36-year-old Jamie Frick from Newmanstown was arrested on Tuesday afternoon. This was when the 22-year-old David Padro was on Ninth Street and Parsenk Avenue. Five days after he was shot to death during a dispute at the cheese steakhouse.Court documents show that Flick is charged Murder, conspiracy, obstruction and tampering with evidence.

Investigators did not provide more details about her alleged involvement in the shooting.

Another 36-year-old Paul Burkert from Reading was also accused of shooting and killing Camden resident Padro. He was in Philadelphia on July 22 with his girlfriend.

Burkert was one of the few people who lined up during an argument with Padro before 1am. A battle ensued, and Burkert allegedly shot Padro’s torso and shoulders.

Jamie Frick MugshotSource/PPD

Jamie Frick, 36 years old, from Newmanstown.

After the shooting, Burkert and an unidentified woman fled the scene in a van, and then arranged a meeting place to surrender to the authorities. Witnesses described seeing the woman driving away from the scene with Burckett.

Defense attorney Chuck Peruto represented Burkert and said he intends to argue that his client is in self-defense. Burkert allegedly possessed a gun illegally due to a previous criminal conviction in Berks County.

Earlier this week, Peruto told the Voice of Philadelphia Investigators knew of the woman who drove the van on the night of the shooting and did not arrest her when she tried to surrender in the days after the shooting. Burkert was charged with conspiracy, which raised questions about the additional charges of another person.

Pat’s quarrel may have stemmed from a dispute about parking spaces.Peruto also said that there have been controversies about football, even though he Admit that there are also parking dispute In an interview with other media.

A video recorded from inside Pat’s King of Steaks shows part of the battle between Burkert and Padro before filming. Before the two attacked each other, someone saw Padro rushing towards Burcket, and once Burcket was locked on his head.

Peruto claimed that his client was “beaten” and bleeds, and then he allegedly opened fire on Padro, hitting him in the torso and shoulder. Peruto said Burkert left the scene because he was afraid of Padro’s friends and surrendered to the police at the arranged location.

List of court documents Frick’s lawyer is Angelo Leroy Cameron, a private lawyer with an office in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has not yet publicly commented on the investigation.

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