NBA trade rumors: The Miami Heat are seen as one of Ben Simmons’ “most likely footholds”

NBA trade rumors: The Miami Heat are seen as one of Ben Simmons’ “most likely footholds”



In today’s Ben Simmons trade rumors, a new team has become a potential suitor for the young Philadelphia star. According to reports, if Simmons is moved, the Miami Heat is regarded as “one of the most likely footholds.” This is a plot turning point that needs to be considered.

These are words from Sam Amick Sports meeting, He included this Simmons Nuggets in a story about Milwaukee winning and the Lakers seeking more help around LeBron James:

However, although Portland’s Damian Lillard and Washington’s Bradley Beal seem to be in their own holding modes when they may request a deal, it seems that Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons is getting more and more. Action may be taken. A source close to the situation believes that Miami, Toronto and Washington are the most likely landing sites. Of course, only when Bill finally decides that it is time to start a new chapter outside the national capital, the Wizards scenario will happen. As you can see, moving parts are sometimes part of the same puzzle. [The Athletic]

We discussed Toronto and Washington As a wide range of possibilities, even though it is reported that the 76ers Very unrealistic proposal As part of this process, the Raptors. As we all know, Miami, who has been pursuing stars under the leadership of Pat Riley, has basically never appeared in the process, and now their appearance is a bit like a curve ball.

One of the problems is finding a package that ostensibly makes sense for Philadelphia. The Heat have all kinds of interesting players, but none of the players you think are available feel that they are potential headlines in the trade. Duncan Robinson is one of the most dangerous running shooters in the league. Over time, his defensive ability has improved, but he is at best a high-level role player. This offseason he is a restricted free agent. . Tyler Herro’s performance in the NBA bubble in 2020 has attracted a lot of attention. His potential as a creator is greater than Robinson, but he struggled in a higher role at the beginning of the 2020-21 season , And performed poorly in Miami’s four-game series. Lost to the Bucks in the first round.

The Heat have also lost a lot of draft picks that can compensate for the difference in player value-they attribute the first round picks in 2021 (unprotected) and 2023 (lotto protection) to Oklahoma City, and they have since 2021 All second round picks at the beginning of -2027 to all teams in the league. This makes it difficult to imagine a scenario where the Heat can acquire Simmons in a multi-team trade, because they may not be able to provide draft ammunition to help Philadelphia chase stars elsewhere. Will the first round of the draft in 2025 or 2027 change? This seems unlikely.

(Then financial factors. With Herro’s rookie contract and Robinson preparing to sign a free agent contract somewhere, the Heat may have to attach another contract to make the money work. To Andre Igo Dara’s contribution has given due respect in Philadelphia and an amazing career, he is not entirely suitable for a lineup built around low-level centers.)

You can say that from the perspective of Miami’s ending, the deal with Miami is even more meaningless. Are Simmons or Jimmy Butler interested in working together again? This seems unlikely, considering the coldness between the two when they played together in Philadelphia, and the conflict caused by their clumsy cooperation on the court. Butler wants to control the offense and control the ball, and has long considered himself a point guard (or at least the main promoter) worthy of dominating the game. There is a different front desk now, but when Butler became a free agent in the summer of 2019, the 76ers were basically in a position where they had to choose between Simmons and Butler. It seems unlikely that Miami will encounter the same problem. Try to avoid it after two years.

Is it possible for Miami and Philadelphia to draft the possibility of Butler swapping Simmons? This feels very impossible.Putting Butler in Simmons’ position can solve many of Philadelphia’s offensive problems without and also A big defensive step, his relationship and partnership with Embiid will become the front line and center of the team. But in any case, he is not the most suitable person in the world. He has returned to play next to Embiid for many years since he was three years old. In the final stages of Miami, perhaps Pat Riley saw an opportunity to get Simmons through the flames of “Heat culture” and turn him into some dominant star who still believes he can become. But can trading Butler do it? Given that Riley has always wanted to collect as many stars as possible, this does not seem to be a move that Riley will consider, let alone signing.

Besides, if the Heat let Butler spend two super efficient seasons in Miami, wouldn’t that further confirm all the worst things you have heard about his existence as an organization? The 76ers used his full potential during their honeymoon, and even quarreled with the core members of the team. Maybe you would rather take the risk than hope for Simmons’ development, but this is not a sure bet anyway, before we even consider the wear and tear caused by the heavy workload that Butler has endured over the years.

This may be a controversial issue, because retaining Butler and adding another important part to their core is the path Riley may pursue this offseason. This is why they are considered to be Kyle Lowry’s potential suitors, and he is very meaningful as Butler’s backcourt partner and the third member of the core with Bam Adebayor.

To be honest, I just don’t think it is appropriate here, and I can’t really understand it from the perspective of any team. Amick has good intelligence, and every time he connects a few points is worth taking seriously, but someone smarter than me will have to tell me how this adds up.

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