Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix criticized Piers Morgan for “increasing racism and prejudice”

Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix expressed her support for Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu’s comments on Piers Morgan, stating that he “used his power and influence to exacerbate racism.”

The pregnant pop star reposted the news of the political activist Dr. Shaola and joined an increasing number of celebrities who opposed Morgan’s outspoken views of Simone Byers. Who withdrew from Tokyo 2020 The Olympics is because of her mental health.


Leigh-Anne reposted a message stating that Pierce “intensified racism”Credit: Instagram
Pierce denied being a racist, and she said


Pierce denied being a racist, and she said “the champion will not quit” in response to her withdrawal from the OlympicsImage Credit: Piers Morgan/Instagram

Said that the four-time Olympic gold medalist withdrew from the competition due to pressure and “disappointed her team”, The former GMB host was strongly opposed People say he is trying to minimize mental health problems.

Dr. Shola often appeared in race discussions with Good Morning Britain this morning, and later said on Twitter that his comments reflected his views I talked about Osaka Naomi before -Quit Wimbledon due to mental health-and Meghan Markle, he Famously quit GMB when he refused to apologize for “disbelief” She had thought about suicide.

She wrote using tags with all three female names: “The problem with Piers Morgan is not only that he is a stupid stupidity, but our society rewards him for using his whiteness, power and influence to track and exacerbate racism, prejudice, and anti Humanize the mental health of black women. He knows.”

This comment was quickly adopted and shared online, including Leigh-Anne, who captured it on the screen and shared it with her 7.1 million followers on Instagram.

Pierce has long denied that he is a racist, and in the face of recent backlash, he said it was “wake up Twitter” to wage war against him again.

To a fan, he replied: “No, I take mental illness very seriously. I don’t like people’s cynical use of “mental health” as a shield against any bad performance or reasonable criticism. It distracts the need for help/care/ The attention of the mentally ill patients treated.”

Later, he directly quoted Simone, wrote to her and sent a message: “You can listen to Snowflake Twitter [Simone Biles] -Or listen to me. You are a great champion, and when they are knocked down, the great champion will stand up again.

“So, re-enter these games, win gold medals, and motivate with resilience rather than obedience. Go.”

Before retiring, Byers said that she was suffering from a “distorted condition”-a temporary mental disorder that caused gymnasts to forget their necessary movements despite training with them for many years.

In a bad situation, this may mean that it is difficult for them to land safely, causing serious injuries.

After the 24-year-old member of the American team achieved her lowest Olympic vaulting result, she announced her withdrawal from the event.

She later explained: “I have to pay attention to my mental health. I just think that mental health is now more common in sports.

“We must protect our minds and bodies, not just go out and do what the world wants us to do.

“I don’t trust myself that much anymore. Maybe it’s getting old.”

Adding that the tweet added pressure to her performance, she said she needed to “step back” and added: “I don’t want to go out and do something stupid and get hurt. I think a lot of athletes speak really helpful.

“It’s too big. This is the Olympics. After all, we don’t want to be carried out there on a stretcher.”

Simone withdrew after getting


Simone withdrew after getting “twists and turns”, saying she didn’t want to leave the Olympics on a stretcherCredit: Getty
Piers Morgan was called “the small but fragile baby man” by Good Morning British guests during the tense debate.

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