Helen Glover missed an extraordinary medal, golf is in progress, Simone Byers is the latest


In these Olympics, she will single-handedly carry the hope of the British track and field gold medal.

But when Dina Asher-Smith was about to start her Tokyo campaign, there was little sign that the 25-year-old Londoner was feeling the heat.

Asher Smith, who won the UK’s first women’s world sprint championship in Doha in 2019, has a cold smile on his face.

She is a sleeping person, likes to lie down, is a self-styled “championship performer”, rising in big occasions.

There is no grander stage than the Olympics. As the Tokyo Olympics enters its core games, all the British will focus on Asher Smith.

As the UK’s only other world track champion, Katarina Johnson-Thompson, still suffers from the sequelae of a ruptured Achilles tendon, Asher Smith alone becomes a strong contender for the gold medal.

During the London Olympics, the motto of “inspiring a generation” often sounded exaggerated.

However, on the night that Britain won three track and field gold medals on Super Saturday, the female student Asher-Smith proved the validity of the slogan.

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