Free streaming, TV channels, kick-off times and team news of the Olympic football conflict

Free streaming, TV channels, kick-off times and team news of the Olympic football conflict


The German team and the Côte d’Ivoire team have a chance to advance to the Olympic football knockout stage.

After a disastrous defeat to Brazil in the first game, the German team regained their victory by beating Saudi Arabia 3-2 last time.

But so far, the Côte d’Ivoire has scored four points in two games, including a 0-0 draw with the Brazilian, and remains unbeaten in the game.

  • TV channel: Eurosport 5
  • live: Found+
  • German team: Florian Muller, Udoke, Torunarija, Henrichs, Raum, Arnold, Amiri, Mayr, Richter, Cruise, Archer.
  • Ivory Coast: Tape, Bailly, Dabila, Ismael Diallo, Singo, Dao, Idrissa Doumbia, Kessie, Gradel, Abdulkader Keita, Kouame.

Learn about the latest developments of the Olympic group games in our real-time blog, as follows…

  • Intermission

  • PEEEEEEEP !!!!!!!!!


    Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    45. There will be an extra time of 2 minutes.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    44. When we entered halftime, Ivory Coast looked stronger.

    After a slow start, the Ivorian is really suitable for this game.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    40. Ivory Coast looks dangerous from a wide area, but their cross has not found their intended target at the moment.

    Germany lacked the opening ostentation.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    36. The pace of the game began to decline, and the German team began to regain the lead in possession.

    The Germans still lack the cutting edge.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    32. Gredel looked dangerous on the left side of Côte d’Ivoire and they posed a real threat during the break.

    Ivory Coast is just beginning to enjoy more possession of the ball.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    29. Germany continues to dominate the game, but so far lacks cutting edge.

    Ivory Coast looks dangerous when resting.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    25. Chance! Cruise ran beautifully on the left and crossed the ball into the penalty area. Archie received the ball, but his header hit the crossbar!

    The opportunities for the Germans are great.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    22. Chance! After a neat game in the Côte d’Ivoire penalty area, Richter made a cross and shot towards the goal, but was saved by Tapay.

    Now I feel very open to the game.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    20. More open to the game, both sides want to move forward.

    Germany still looks more likely to open scoring.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    17. Côte d’Ivoire started to grow in the game, and Gradel looked threatening especially on the left.

    Encourage the Ivorian to play.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    14. The German continued to dominate the game and made some lovely one or two touch passes near the Côte d’Ivoire penalty area.

    So far, Germany has just lacked cutting edge.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    10. Côte d’Ivoire started to have more possessions, but Germany still dominates.

    opportunity! Richter’s shot was shot by Ivorian goalkeeper Tapay in a neat game.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    7. The pace of the game has just started to slow down, and Germany is still in full control.

    Côte d’Ivoire’s current defense is very good.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    5. Germany continues to dominate the game and Ivory Coast fights back.

    The Ivorian has not really adapted to this game.

  • Germany 0-0 Ivory Coast

    2. Germany had a good start, they had good possession of the ball in the early stages.

    Ivorian content can sit down and experience the fun of the game.

  • PEEEEEEEP !!!!!!!!!

    The first half is underway! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • 5 minutes

    There are 5 minutes to kick off! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • 10 minutes

    10 minutes to kick off! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Schloterbeck on the Olympics

    “For me, the best moment was to see all the athletes at the opening ceremony. The guy from Togo was behind us and spent a full two hours dancing.

    “It’s also good to mix it with other German athletes, such as Alexander Zverev or the girls of the hockey team.”

  • Schlotterbeck on Piper’s red card

    “Last season he showed his abilities. He had a wonderful year and became a U21 European champion.

    “It was an unlucky red card game for him, but before that, his passing was great and helped us lead 2-1.”

  • Ivory Coast starting eleven

    1. Tape, 2, Bailly, 3. Dabila, 4. Chester, 5.Singo, 6. Doumbia, 7.Keita, 8. Kessie, 9. Gradel, 10. Youssouf 11. Kouame
  • Group D table

  • Schlotbeck

    “We have put in a lot of effort and have significantly improved our defense.

    “Our game against Saudi Arabia is much tighter than the game against Brazil. Now we have to continue to study the details and keep zero goals in the next game.”

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