Elton John and Dua Lipa condemn rapper DaBaby’s homophobic comments on HIV

Celebrities including Elton John and Dualipa are condemning the inaccurate and homophobic remarks made by the rapper DaBaby at the Florida Music Festival over the weekend, which have also led to the loss of the clothing trade and various apologies.

At the end of Sunday’s performance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami Gardens, Florida, DaBaby asked the audience to hold up their phones before making a series of homophobic remarks.

The rapper said: “If you are not infected with HIV, AIDS or any of the deadly sexually transmitted diseases that will kill you within two or three weeks, then turn on your phone.” He continued, if They are not gay men who have sex in the parking lot, please hold up their lighted mobile phone.

DaBaby, born in Jonah Forestdale Kirk, became famous in the top 40 rankings in 2019, such as Suck Nominated by Grammy BOP. He has also appeared in songs by other artists, including Chance the Rapper, Megan Thee Stallion and Camila Cabello.

DaBaby told the audience at Sunday’s concert that if they “do not carry HIV, AIDS or any of the deadly sexually transmitted diseases that will cause you to die within two to three weeks,” they will raise their mobile phone flashlight to In the air. (Ferry/Getty Images)

Celebrities criticizing the rapper’s comments

John, who has been openly gay for decades, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that he was “shocked” when he heard the rapper’s comments about HIV.

He tweeted: “This promotes stigma and discrimination, and runs counter to everything our world needs to fight the AIDS pandemic.”

In a series of tweets, John listed statistics about HIV/AIDS and pointed out that “You can live a long and healthy life through HIV. The treatment is very advanced. Taking a pill every day, HIV may be in your body. It cannot be detected, so you can “don’t pass it on to others.” “

Dua Lipa, starring DaBaby in her hit single Suspension, It took 42 weeks Billboard top 100 ranking Currently ranked third, she expressed concern about the rapper’s comments on Instagram on Tuesday and said she was “surprised and scared” by hearing these comments.

“I really don’t think this is someone who works with me. I know that my fans know where my heart is, and I stand at 100 [per cent] With the LGBTQ community. “

On Tuesday, the rapper issued an apology on Twitter, calling his comments “insensitive.”

“Anyone who did [affected] You all have the right to be upset because of HIV/AIDS, and although I have no intention of offending anyone, what I say is insensitive,” he wrote on Twitter.

On Monday, he initially responded to strong opposition on his personal Instagram page, saying that his gay fans “take care of themselves” instead of the “addicts” he mentioned in his comments at the concert.

Clothing brand drop rapper

On Wednesday, the British-based clothing brand boohooMan dropped the rapper and stated on social media that they condemned the use of homophobic language.

“We will no longer work with DaBaby,” the brand wrote on Twitter.

“Diversity and inclusion are part of boohoo Groups DNA, and we are proud to represent the diverse customers we serve globally.”

In June, boohooMan and the rapper released a collection of 100 works.The company also released the Pride Month series that month and donated the proceeds to It got better, A non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to empowering LGBTQ youth around the world.

Other rappers vocalize

Although many people condemned the rapper’s comments, others supported him.

“Social media is full of chaos and words are often misunderstood,” the rapper TI said after DaBaby’s performance.

“if you [gonna] With the Lil Nas X video, let him live out his truth, you will definitely have someone like DaBaby tell the truth. “

Rapper Lil Nas X comes out publicly June 2019 on Twitter, Pointing to the lyrics of his song, C7 closureThen he said on Twitter “I think I made it obvious” and posted a photo of the album cover, zooming in on a building with a rainbow on it.

Since then, his videos have sometimes featured provocative themes, and the latest, Industry Baby, Including a scene where the 22-year-old rapper dances with a group of naked men in a prison cell.

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