Eagles training camp notes, day one: real football is back!

Eagles training camp notes, day one: real football is back!


The 2021 training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles is underway, and Nick Sirianni actually performed an uplifting exercise to kick off the curtain, even if the time is a little short. In 2020, under the leadership of Doug Pederson, the team started with a smooth training session of 10-10-10. Let’s look directly at the notes.

• (clears throat)…injured (via team):

  1. LG Isaac Sumaro (Hamstring), weekly
  2. CB Nate Meadows (Hamstring), weekly
  3. Office building Quetz Watkins (Still completing physics), daily
  4. Office building Greg Ward (Non-COVID disease), daily
  5. CB Shaquille Taylor (Lower body), daily
  6. Office building Jaylen Regg (The lower body is tight), the number of participants is limited

Last year, we learned on the first day Derek Barnett Is weekly and Javin Hargrave Missed for “several weeks” due to injury. The only previously unknown major injury this year is Sumaro, which feels like a victory.

I don’t know what “still completing physics” means.

PUP/NFI list: No surprises. Le Crow Clark (Achilles) and Rodney McLeod (ACL) will start the training camp on the PUP (physically unenforceable) list, and Landon Dixon (ACL) will start from NFI (non-football injury), which is basically the same as PUP. We will not delve into the nature of the difference here.

Reserve/COVID List: lb Alex Singleton, S Andrew Adams, And DE Mattrio.

Vaccine news: Howie Rothman After training, it is said that at least 90% of the teams have already started the vaccination process.Some players who spoke after practice-including Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and Jaylen is injured — Confirm that they are vaccinated. At the same time, in Indianapolis:

If Wentz somehow had the 12th best MVP odds According to Pickswise, No vaccinations, this is not good for the Hawks, they need him to play 75% of the fast break this season (or 70% plus the Colts to the playoffs).

• Today’s first team offense:

  1. QB: Jalen is injured
  2. RB: Miles Sanders
  3. WR: Devon Tower Smith
  4. WR: Travis Fulham
  5. WR (slot): JJ Arcega-Whiteside (remember, there are 3 WRs today)
  6. TE: Dallas Goldt
  7. LT: Andre Dillard (Jordan Mailata also joined, but it feels like Dillard is more represented)
  8. LG: Nate Herbig
  9. C: Jason Kells
  10. RG: Brandon Brooks
  11. RT: Ryan Johnson

• First team defense:

  1. LDE: Brandon Graham
  2. LDT Fletcher Cox
  3. RDT: Javin Hargrave
  4. RDE: Josh Sweat (Derek Barnett also won the first team representative, but Sweat was the first)
  5. LB: Eric Wilson
  6. LB: Davion Taylor (As mentioned above, Alex Singleton was out due to COVID, but it’s still interesting)
  7. CB: The Killing of Darius
  8. S: Anthony Harris
  9. S: K’Von Wallace (McLeod on PUP)
  10. CB: Steven Nelson (the Hawks did not waste time putting him there with No. 1)
  11. Slot CB: Avonte Maddox

It’s worth noting that a pair of top Andre Dillard and David Taylor Initially get first team representatives more than players better than them (of course, in my opinion).

Zach Oz In practice, he even participated in 11 vs. 11 matches. The Hawks didn’t stop him from doing harder practice for trade/protection purposes. This is risky because if Ertz is injured, the team will face a loss of $8.5 million, otherwise they will save.

After training, Rothman expressed his belief that Eltz will return to the team this season. I think we will discuss more in the morning.

Oh, by the way, Ertz bleached his blonde hair this year.

• Rookie third-round pick Milton Williams Playing DE today. Cox said after practice that Williams is playing Graham’s position, which is an interesting development. Williams has played DE and DT in college, but since the beginning of the draft, the Eagles have always included him in DT. I think this is a good role for him. He can play defensively in the low post and slip into the inside when he has a clear pass.

Jonathan Gannon Lose no time to show a different defensive look. In the red zone exercise, the Eagles scored 3-4.

• Overall, injuries and offenses are struggling. The defense clearly won. K’From Wallace and Josiah Scott Both played well in the end zone.Scott defeated Injury in a game and he won a controversial catch Kenny Gainwell, And Wallace has its own almost INT.

• The most interesting battle of the day took place Devon Tower Smith and Darius slaughterWhen the ball was passed to Smith, Slay met the challenge and broke two passes. But there were other times when Smith was open and the ball was not passed to him. It will be a summer-long game.

• The highlight of the day came from the huge 6’7, 249 pound QB-turned TE Terry Jackson, Who indirect the ball in the field, then absolutely truck LB Rashard Smith. It doesn’t even look like Jackson Tried Truck him. He had just received the pass and turned to the field, and when Smith came to make contact, he was disengaged. Simple prediction: Jackson will become a fan favorite.

• We saw for the first time Aylin Sipos. Yes, I timed his punt:

  1. I didn’t take out my stopwatch in time. However, it is a short half ravine.
  2. 4.62
  3. 4.39 (out of bounds)
  4. 4.73

His start was unstable, but this was only the first day.

More tomorrow!

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