As job vacancies increase, Temple University Health System invests US$5 million in nurse staffing

As job vacancies increase, Temple University Health System invests US$5 million in nurse staffing



With Temple’s nurse vacancy rate approaching 10%, Temple University Health System will invest nearly US$5 million to strengthen nurse scheduling, staffing and recruitment to support its employees.

The health system currently has 2,387 registered nurses in its four campuses. The vacancy rate or the number of vacant nursing positions is 9.1%.

“We have doubled the use of surrogate nurses to maintain a very safe staffing level,” said Michael A. Young, President and CEO of Temple University Medical System and Temple University Hospital. “But our nursing vacancy rate is still higher than we hoped. That’s why we are actively taking action.”

Young said Temple’s vacancy rate is “comparable to the national average” at 9.9%.

imitate National layoff trends during the pandemic, Even hospitals across the country are facing Leave and dismiss non-clinical nurses And staff. During the pandemic, Temple employed 400 nurses. Now, it hopes to recruit more than 200 more employees in the health systems of its four hospitals, Philadelphia Business Journal Report.

The funds will be used for flexible scheduling options, such as weekend programs for working parents or nurses returning to school. Temple will also provide referral bonuses to employees who recommend hired colleagues.

“This comprehensive investment plan is part of our continuous review and strengthening of our ability to anticipate, prioritize, and meet the areas of patients’ greatest care needs,” Yang said.

The funds will also increase the wages of mobile nurses and provide incentives for extra working hours, sign-in incentives and relocation assistance.

“We are focused on making Temple Health provide nurses with as beneficial a working environment as possible,” said Angelo Venditti, executive vice president of patient services and chief nurse executive officer of Temple University’s medical system.

Temple is using a platform called “Innovative Nurse Recruitment Platform” Incredible health To reach more candidates.

Earlier this year, Temple University Hospital was named The most racially inclusive hospital in Pennsylvania Provided by the Lown Institute, a non-partisan think tank.

However, among the top-ranked hospitals in the United States, the health system lost to the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center. U.S. News and World Report Ranking Released earlier this week.


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