Andy Murray on NOW, Tom Dean added a second swimming gold medal, the latest update of Simone Biles

Andy Murray on NOW, Tom Dean added a second swimming gold medal, the latest update of Simone Biles


After an amazing victory in the relay race this morning, the British swimmer won the third gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Two of them went to Tom Dean, who added the freestyle relay to his personal honor on the fifth day earlier today.

In the rowing competition, the British team won the silver medal in the men’s quadruple sculls, but suffered a disastrous defeat in the men’s quadruple sculls and finished fourth for failing to win the race for the first time since 1996.

In today’s bicycle race, Geraint Thomas will hope to recover from a tragic road race and challenge the gold medal in a time trial.

We will broadcast live Olympic men’s football matches, some big names will withdraw in the group stage, and the latest news about Andy Murray’s pursuit of doubles glory.

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Keep up to date with all the updates from Tokyo in our live blog…

  • Game 3-tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury 3-3* Cilic/Dodig

    We all changed the ending on three points. GB made a small breakthrough 2-1, and then the Croats forced them to score.

  • Third game tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury*2-2 Cilic/Dodig

    GB’s small break failed in their next serve, and we played back with two points in this tiebreaker.

  • set point

    The British shot into the net again, and the Croatian equalized the score.

    Disappointed with the breakup in the second set, they continued to lose the game, but they needed to regroup before the final set.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury 2-6* Cilic/Dodig

    Four set points for Croatia.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury 2-5* Cilic/Dodig

    Dodig performed well online, winning with a backhand volley and scoring again.

    They served twice.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury*2-4 Cilic/Dodig

    The Croatian’s return range is very wide. The ending of breaking up with the British has changed.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury*1-4 Cilic/Dodig

    A huge serve from Dodig and Salisbury hit the ball out of the high post. Repelled by Cilic.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury 1-3* Cilic/Dodig

    As Cilic found the net in the next rebound, he made a small breakthrough.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury 0-3* Cilic/Dodig

    The second break! Dodig’s high defensive lob just caught the baseline. Salisbury returned strongly, but Cilic hit a forehand to win.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury*0-2 Cilic/Dodig

    It is also the first small breakthrough of the Croatian, and he found the net in a volley on the net.

  • Second set tiebreaker

    Murray/Salisbury*0-1 Cilic/Dodig

    First served for the Croats and they converted the first point.

  • Enter the tiebreaker!

    Murray/Salisbury 6-4 6-6 Cilic/Dodig

    Murray’s serve and the British team led by 40-0 because they looked comfortable.

    The Croatian restored the score to 40-30, and then Salisbury made a smash on the net to ensure the victory of the game.

  • smell it

    Murray/Salisbury 6-4 * 5-6 Cilic/Dodig

    When trailing 30-40, the British duo broke their sense of smell, but the Croatian saw it.

    The huge service game is coming soon.

  • nervous!

    Murray and Salisbury fell behind 4-5 in the second set, which was an important serve game.

    Before leading 40-30, they fell behind 0-15 early.

    They did win the game, and we switched to a 5-a-side game in this game.

  • Great recognition great

    Swimming superstar Adam Petty said that he always knew that the relay team would win the gold medal.

  • breakthrough!

    Murray/Salisbury 6-4 4-4* Cilic/Dodig

    The Croats are digging and forcing GB into trouble.

    They secured the advantage and then continued to win breakthroughs.

    Re-serve the ball.

  • Update table

    The medal table of the GB team continued a good start to the conference.

    Ranked sixth after some of the largest countries in the world, there are still some opportunities.

  • British breakthrough!

    Murray and Salisbury took a break at the critical moment of the second set, in the fifth game!

    When they lead 4-2, it also quickly aligns with love.

    At an important moment, they reached the semifinals with one foot.

  • service

    The second set is still serving Murray/Salisbury and the Croatian serves.

    Both games were arranged by the British.

  • Disappointing doubles

    Since 2004, the British team has not won a mixed doubles medal in a badminton competition.

    This situation continues after Marcus Elie and Lauren Smith lost in the quarterfinals.

  • Set a win!

    The British duo saw their last serve game on the tennis court, which was a good start.

    The score of 6-4 entered the first set of the quarter-finals.

  • More tennis magic

    Andy Murray and Joe Salisbury are looking for a spot in the semifinals and have made a good start.

    Croatian combination Cilic and Dodig scored in the first serve game.

    The rest of the opening has been served, and the Englishman now serves in the first set with a score of 5-4.

  • Gold medal moment

    Olympic champion.

  • Rowing second

    The men’s eight teams advanced to the final after finishing second in the qualifying.

    As one of the favorites to win the gold medal, their first game was very disappointing. They entered this stage with a third place result.

    But this is better because they continue to lag behind the New Zealand team.

  • What a great team

    The four boys celebrated after winning the gold medal.

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