Trudeau joins the chorus and criticizes the Montreal Canadiens for drafting players that violated women’s consent

Trudeau joins the chorus and criticizes the Montreal Canadiens for drafting players that violated women’s consent


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that the Montreal Canadiens drafted an 18-year-old young man who was recently fined for sharing pornographic photos of women without her consent. Shows that the Montreal Canadiens “lack of judgment.”

Trudeau is the latest high-profile figure to criticize the NHL club’s decision to select Logan Mailloux as a first-round pick in Friday’s draft.

Trudeau said at a press conference in Moncton, New Hampshire: “As a lifelong fan of Habbs, I am deeply disappointed in this decision.”

“I think this is the lack of judgment of the Canadians. I think they have a lot of things to explain to Montrealers and fans across the country.”

Just a few days before the draft, the website Daily Faceoff revealed that Mailloux was fined for violating Swedish law after sharing photos of sexual contact with his teammates.

The woman involved in the case reported to the police, and Mailloux was charged with privacy violation and defamation. When the incident occurred, he was only 17 years old and played for SK Lejon in the Swedish second division.

Mailloux of Belle River, Ontario issued a statement before the draft, asking the team not to choose him, saying that he did not show “sufficient maturity or character to get this privilege in the 2021 draft.”

In any case, the Canadians chose him as the 31st overall pick. Since then, Quebec politicians, women’s groups and fans have condemned the team’s decision.

Logan Mailloux from Belle River, Ontario spoke to reporters via video conference yesterday on Saturday. He said: “I know that I have caused a lot of harm to this person and their family. I regret doing this stupid and conceited behavior.” (Montreal Canadiens)

Quebec’s Minister for the Status of Women, Isabelle Charest, said on Saturday: “The choice to choose Mr. Mailloux does not match the positive changes I want to bring about sports and society as a whole.

On Monday, the two main team sponsors-Jean Coutu Pharmacy Chain and St-Hubert Restaurant Chain-issued a statement saying that they are reconsidering their relationship with the Canadians.

“We are currently analyzing our cooperation with them. We believe in a second chance, but is it a bit too early?” said Josée Vaillancourt, head of communications at St-Hubert.

After choosing Mailloux, Canadians stated in a statement that they intend to provide “mature tools” for Mailloux.

Team president and co-owner Jeff Molson has not yet publicly commented on the matter.

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