The international non-profit organization Good Pitch Local held an event in Philadelphia to connect creativity with community resources

The international non-profit organization Good Pitch Local held an event in Philadelphia to connect creativity with community resources



The international non-profit organization Good Pitch Local will open a store in Philadelphia this week to connect filmmakers, podcasters and other media experts with community activists and organizations through virtual promotions.

Philadelphia CAM and Document Association The collaboration brought Good Pitch to the city, helped six local creatives and four community projects promote their ideas, and used the resources they needed to tell non-fiction stories about Philadelphia.

The 10 selected projects explore topics such as criminal justice reform, cultural traditions, mental health, police violence, etc. through podcasts, short films and multimedia installations.

Shannon Thomas, the project manager of Doc Society, told PhillyVoice that the stadium is a two-way street. Philadelphia content creators can promote their story ideas to community activists and organizations to obtain financial support, resources, etc., and the organization itself can show their careers to local producers and help them tell their stories.

“The tacky Good Pitch slogan is’Help the movie go further’,” Thomas said. “Basically, some movies are not even finished yet, but they are here to find community partners… and to work with other organizations that may need to show movies to stir people’s heartstrings when they talk about their problems.”

Organizations and creatives based in Philadelphia, or those with “strong cultural ties” to the city, can apply for their ideas. Then, the organizers narrowed the scope to 6 movies and 4 community projects, which were able to show their ideas to a group of 150 people on Zoom on July 27.

After the speech, audience members provided feedback, resources, asked questions, and provided collaborative efforts. Good Pitch stated that its audience includes interested funders, charity guests, leaders of non-profit organizations, policy makers and more people from all over the world.

PhillyCAM executive director Gretjen Clausing told PhillyVoice: “Part of the secret of Good Pitch is to try to get people into the room, or in this case, the Zoom room, they may be able to provide support.” “This doesn’t necessarily mean financial support. It may be. It means connecting with people who understand the issues that the documentary filmmaker may be dealing with.”

One project invested on Tuesday is “Testimony: Invisible Violence at the University of Pennsylvania,” Directed by film producer Amelia Carter. This short personal animated documentary tells the story of Carter’s confrontation with community members in West Philadelphia during a protest last summer.

“Through her testimony, Amelia tried to undermine the normalization of institutional violence and white supremacy perpetrated by the university, and asked why the Pennsylvania police were there that day,” According to a good tone.

Good Pitch has raised more than 32 million U.S. dollars for films and impact events, and has mentored more than 500 filmmakers around the world, Philadelphia city residents Report.

This is the third time Good Pitch has worked in Philadelphia, previously in December 2018 and September 2020. The team will travel to Detroit and Puerto Rico later this year.

“I think it’s fair to say that in Philadelphia, we are fortunate to have the support of several local foundations who truly believe in this work and make it possible,” said Krausin. “That’s why we were able to make Good Pitch has returned several times and hope to return again.”


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