Report: Phillies trades Pirates to start Tyler Anderson

Report: Phillies trades Pirates to start Tyler Anderson



According to multiple reports, the Phillies are acquiring the Pirates’ starting pitcher Tyler Anderson. Anderson has been scratched since the beginning of Tuesday night, and he believes he will travel across the state to the Phillies. Jayson Stark of The Athletic of the Athletic was the first to report.

The Phillies have Have been pitching in the market Strengthen their rotation after Zach Wheeler, Aaron Nora and Zach Evelyn finished in the top three. It looks like the 31-year-old left-hander will do just that.

Although these numbers are not jaw-dropping, there is one area where he will greatly improve the content provided by the current rotation. And his addition can help another area of ??the team that has been struggling-the bullpen-by participating in the game more deeply than players like Vince Velazquez, which will give an already weak team Bring extra pressure.

according to Matt GelbIf the deal passes, Anderson may begin to replace Velazquez on Thursday.

So, what did the Phillies give up in order to get Anderson? Not a ton, it should be expected for a person who spins in the second half of the wheel.

The 20-year-old right back Hernandez is the 29th potential Philadelphian player, but the 21-year-old receiver Gutierrez did not make the top 30 list on

Although this is a positive move for the Phillies and a clear signal that they will buy before the deadline, it is not enough to get the 0.500 club into the land. Are there any big moves on the horizon? Or does the Phillies hope that some more action on the margin will be enough to complete it?

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