Petapalooza at Chestnut Hill in 2021 includes puppy pool, adoptable pets, happy hour

Petapalooza at Chestnut Hill in 2021 includes puppy pool, adoptable pets, happy hour


Pet owners are invited to Chestnut Hill’s Petapalooza, a family-friendly activity Germantown Boulevard in August.

there will be Puppy pool, dog snacks, pet cartoonist, pet runway, etc. Dog owners will also have the opportunity to visit the dog training exhibition.

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For children, there will be a petting zoo, face painting and a photo booth.

Adults and their cubs can enjoy happy hour specials at some bars and restaurants in Chestnut Hill (such as Chestnut Hill Brewing Co.).

If you want to adopt a pet, more than a dozen pet rescue and adoption agencies, including German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Blind Dog Rescue, French Bulldog Rescue Network, Noah’s Ark Rescue Project, Luvin’ Bunnies and Kelly’s Cats, will all be online locations and animals Find a home.

Here are more details on where to find some Petapalooza events:

• Peaceable Kingdom at 8701 Germantown Ave. – Petting zoo

• At the corner of Germantown and East Highland Avenue – Pet rescue and supplier, cCollection area for shelter donations, dog swimming pools, sweepstakes, Petapalooza runway and photo booth

• Bone Appetite at 8517 Germantown Ave. – Cartoonist, tResample and Noah’s Ark Rescue Plan

• Weavers Way parking lot, located at 30 W. Highland Ave. – Dog parkour, fAce painting and bpheasant

This year’s new member of Petapalooza is a photo contest on social media.

To participate, please post a photo of your pet (all pets are welcome!) and mark the Instagram Either Facebook Page.

Categories include: creating the biggest chaos, finding the strangest hiding place, the most helpful and the most unusual pets. When posting, be sure to write the category you want to enter in the title. Also, remember to use the hashtag #Petapalooza.

The competition will last until Thursday, August 5. The prizes include a $25 Bone Appetite gift certificate, a $25 gift certificate from Chestnut Hill Business Association, a 30-minute Bad Dog Good Dog Trainer training course and a $25 gift certificate to Weaver Road.

A winner will be randomly selected for each category.

Peta Paloosa

Sunday, August 8
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. | Participation is free

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