NBA trade rumors: Raptors rejected multiplayer Ben Simmons’ trade offer

NBA trade rumors: Raptors rejected multiplayer Ben Simmons’ trade offer


According to reports, the Toronto Raptors are one of the few potential suitors of Ben Simmons. According to reports, they rejected an offer to send Kyle Lowry, Fred Van Fleet and others to the 76ers. The team exchanged a framework for the Philadelphia star trade.

These are the words of Matt Moore Mobile network, Who talked about a potential transaction in a pre-draft report from Intel:

Multiple sources confirmed on Sunday that the Toronto Raptors have become a team with “significant” interest in Simmons. A source close to the talks said that no substantive discussions have yet taken place. Several sources, including sources close to the negotiations, said that Raptors guards Kyle Lowry, Fred Van Fleet, OG Anunoby, and fourth pick Simmons in the Thursday draft The proposed framework was rejected by Toronto. [Action Network]

Moore went on to say that the 76ers were after Bradley Beal, and we discussed this player in detail late Monday afternoon. Regardless of this business, this is the first time we have seen the kind of package that suggests that it might attract 76 people’s emotions, rather than a low-priced offer from the other side of the table.

Lowry is the player we have Discussed in detail exist repeatedly In the past four to five months.As a pick-and-roll organizer and trusted outside leader, Lowry As a Philadelphia half-court offensive player, he will definitely offer something different. Suspense for a long time-Lowry’s replacement for Simmons significantly shortened the window period for Philadelphia to win the championship. If the 76ers win one or two legal championship titles because of this trade, you might say that this opportunity alone is worth it, but this is far from certain, because they have Eastern Conference obstacles in front of them.

(One thing to watch out for when Lowry enters the free agency market-the Pelicans have just cleared a considerable cap space because of reports that they are interested in chasing Lowry. Whether it succeeds or not, Lowry’s Raptors-76ers The transaction must come from Lowry’s interest in coming here and Philadelphia’s interest in paying the fees he might order, some rumors suggest that this will be around $25-30 million per year.)

Trades including Van Fleet (27) and Anunobi (24) dramatically changed the calculation of such trades, even before we got the value of the top five picks in this draft. The former is a versatile defender who can shoot, move and attack continuously, providing excellent defensive capabilities that far exceed his measurable standards. Anunobi is one of the most comprehensive defenders in the league, and the offensive end is developing rapidly-in the past two seasons, he has become a reliable high-volume shooter-he will fill up the defense left by Simmons There is a great deal of blank space.

You can understand why the Raptors would reject such a deal, even if you are a big believer in Simmons. Such a move would weaken their ability to win in the near future under Simmons’s leadership, which defeated many of the purposes of moving him.

The end of the Philadelphia team has a different complication-the 76ers need to act accordingly, or turn this into a bigger deal to make it possible under the salary cap. You can always change Van Vleet’s route, but otherwise, the 76ers will have more money to move before they can even legally complete such a deal (not to mention signing at Lowry and staying in shutdown Pingxia’s struggle was) trade). Will they find a trading partner for Tobias Harris? Maybe, but then you were basically talking about GMing the video game, swapping the entire list to try to make things work.

Daryl Morey is not a person who is content to stand by and has never been accused of standing by, so as trade negotiations continue to heat up this summer, these may be crazy offers we should expect. Require Simmons suitor Moon is where the team must start, even if they want to be in a more “fair” middle ground between both teams. To some extent, the Raptors want to break up with Lowry before the deadline, which may be a reward. There are many people with long memories who manage the front desk in the NBA.

Don’t expect this deal to be completed, but in the days to come, there will be more rumors.

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