Mailbag: Why did the Hawks adopt the “old guy strategy” again in the rebuilding year?

Mailbag: Why did the Hawks adopt the “old guy strategy” again in the rebuilding year?


We haven’t talked to the Hawks for a while, but we will be back soon. For now, I asked my Twitter followers for a question about a mailbag post, and as usual, they passed.

Question from @JohnKincade: Does the Hawks understand that in the year of rebuilding, you should become younger and less experienced? I don’t understand the thought process.

During the 2017 offseason, Howie Rothman and the Hawks had incredible success in signing a group of older players, most of which were cheap one-year contracts, including Nick Foles (he The price is not so cheap), Alson Jeffrey, Torrey Smith, Le Garrett Blunt, Stephen Wisniewski, Chris Lang, Patrick Robinson and Corey Graham, they all Contributed to the Super Bowl season.

They returned to the “old guys” in 2018 when they joined WR Golden Tate (trade), Mike Wallace, Paul Worrilow, Michael Bennett and Haloti Ngata. To put it mildly, those guys didn’t help much.

In 2019, they again acquired a group of old guys, including DeSean Jackson (deal), Richard Rodgers, Vinny Curry, Malik Jackson and Andrew Sendejo. Those guys did nothing.

Then in the last offseason, they added old players like Marquise Goodwin (trade), Darius Slay (trade) and Nickell Robey-Coleman.

This strategy achieved amazing results in one season, but it performed mediocre in the following three seasons.

In 2021, Rothman will return again because he has signed the following old players for a period of one year:

  1. Joe Flacco (36)
  2. Anthony Harris (October 30)
  3. Ryan Kerrigan (August 33 years old)
  4. Steven Nelson (28)
  5. Andrew Adams (October 29 years old)

If you look at each contract individually, except for Flacco, they are all bargains. Harris signed $4 million, Kerrigan signed $2.5 million, Nelson signed $2.5 million, and Adams signed less than $1 million. The Eagles strangely gave Flacco a fully guaranteed deal worth $3.5 million.

In total, they added five older players at a price of $13.5 million, two of which will almost certainly become starters. I can look at it in one of two ways:

Optimistic view: Yes, although rebuilding the team to add young people to the free agent roster is an ideal choice, the cost of young players is much higher, and the Eagles’ salary cap situation is one of the worst in the NFL.them can not Add these types of players. These “old guys’ bargaining signings” make sense for a team that needs to fill its roster with tight funds.

Pessimistic view: Since 2017, all these incompetent old guys have been added every offseason, which greatly undermines the long-term commitment of the Super Bowl team, which they are still doing.

In my opinion, it’s both. Although the signings make sense in the context of this particularly challenging offseason, it is worrying that management did not realize that they were in the bottle when they signed a group of old guys during the offseason. Lightning, but in other respects it is a roster building strategy that has produced very bad results.

Sam’s question (via email): I always think that this year’s defensive position group has entered training camp better than last year, and many offensive groups do the same. I want to read your thoughts, especially because you think the list is terrible.

I think you can compare this year’s list with last year’s in two different ways:

  1. How do they compare with the actual performance of the team in 2020?
  2. At this time last year, how did they meet the pre-training camp expectations for the 2020 roster?

If it’s option 1, then they’d better be improved in that group. For example, Carson Wentz is the worst starting quarterback in the NFL, so the standard really cannot be much lower.

If we compare them with the expectations for this team at this time last year, many people think Wentz is a possible MVP candidate because he dragged a group of training class players to the playoffs at the end of the 2019 season. At this time last year, Daniel Jeremiah made Wentz the No. 3 quarterback in the NFL!

If we compare the current starting list side by side with last year’s entry into the training camp, it looks like this:

Location 2020 year 2021
QB Carson Wentz Jaylen is injured
RB Miles Sanders Miles Sanders
Office building DeShawn Jackson Devon Tower Smith
Office building Jaylen Regg Jaylen Regg
Office building Greg Ward Travis Fulham
exist Zach Ertz Dallas God
TE2 Dallas God ? ? ?
LT Andre Dillard Andre Dillard or Jordan Myrata
LG Isaac Sumaro Isaac Sumaro
C Jason Kelsey Jason Kelsey
RG Jason Peters Brandon Brooks
Broadcast time Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson
of Brandon Graham Brandon Graham
DT Fletcher Cox Fletcher Cox
DT Javin Hargrave Javin Hargrave
of Derek Barnett Derek Barnett
lb Nate Gerry Eric Wilson
lb Duke Riley Alex Singleton
CB Darius slaughter Darius slaughter
second Rodney McLeod Anthony Harris
second Jalen Mills Rodney McLeod
CB Evant Maddox Steven Nelson
Slot CB Nickel Robbie-Coleman Evant Maddox

On paper, if we forget what actually happened last year, the 2020 list is more promising.

If we look at the results of the 2020 season, I would say that they look improved in terms of WR, the right side of the offensive line, LB and CB. However, they did not add any influential players. Although it can be said that the Eagles selected Devonta Smith in the draft and should benefit from the return of Brandon Brooks and Ryan Johnson, almost all other teams in the NFL It can also point to the addition of potential rookie contributors and high-quality starters who have returned from injury.

In my opinion, this is not a strong list.

Question from @Footba11Joe: ??After training camp layoffs, will the Eagles sign a group of players from other teams? Over/under 3 people?

They will (a) be higher on the exemption order than since 2013, and (b) their list is not very good, so yes, I can see that they are very active on the exemption line, especially because they” I have claimed players when they are not that high in the order of exemption and have a better roster than they are now.

You killed me with a super low number without 0.5 attached. Come on, Footba11 Joe. I think 3 is a good choice.

Question from @comoncentz: Apart from tackles, what is the most interesting battle in the camp?

This is CB2 until they sign Steven Nelson. Now I think the next best fight is who becomes the third wide receiver. Travis Fulgham is more talented than Greg Ward and should be able to win that job, but we will wait and see.

Then I think the safe location is worthy of attention. If Rodney McLeod is not ready for the start of the season, one of K’Von Wallace, Marcus Epps, Andrew Adams or other young people will have to start. Yes, I realize this is not very exciting.

Then came the work of the second quarterback. I am curious whether the Hawks have given Nick Mullens a real chance to win this job with Flacco.

Question from @ItsMikeDeegan: Who will be Travis Fulgham this year, like a work that no one writes with a pencil and has nowhere to contribute?

If I can, I will modify this question a bit and replace Travis Fulham with Alex Singleton, because Fulham was not even on the team at this time last year.

Among the players that I described in this offseason who didn’t play many games last year, I thought it was Sean Bradley that showed something.

Question from @Calf__Daddy: What will happen to Greg Ward? I like his story, but in terms of unique skills, he seems to be a strange person. If he can improve some speed/controversial catches/crunchy routes, he is gold. But on the surface, he was mainly a guy who carried him with him, and there was almost no in his kit.

He is a super achiever because he takes full advantage of his lack of size and explosiveness and makes himself a roster worthy player who can play in the open (catch the ball he should receive) and in special circumstances Offer to help the team (he can actually pitch). He is not a player who should start in the NFL. As you’ve noticed, his upper limit is very limited, because his playmaking ability, explosive power as a returner, or running yards offer little after-catch.

Question from @sssetz: Is Miles Sanders the most underrated RB1 in the NFL? It seems that everyone is talking about his passing, but his advantage is huge, the whole team was a fire last year. Anyway, what is the Kempy analysis of Miles? Does he need to prove anything this year?

Oh, he must have something to prove this year. As you can notice, he lost a lot of passes.he Lead the teamIn fact, if you are a running back, this is difficult to do. In addition, his pass protection is not good, and he makes too many turnovers. He must clean up those areas in his game, especially in the passing league.

In other words, he was excellent as a runner, and he showed that he were able Catch the ball, pass the ball to protect, and then catch the football. As I mentioned here, he is not the kind of player who thinks he is better than himself. He showed a realistic attitude towards his shortcomings and worked hard to correct them. I believe he can.

As for being overvalued or undervalued, I think most people have a good grasp of the type of talent he has and what he needs to do to become a more complete player.

Question from @KWallaceSZN: Which player are you most looking forward to seeing?

Jalen Reago is too talented to play like last season. I would love to know how much he has improved in many areas where he should have done better as a rookie.

Question from @FanDm90: How many days are left until we choose third place in the 2022 draft, will Malik Willis still be on the board?

In the 2015 season, I introduced more than a dozen quarterbacks who are about to participate in the 2016 NFL Draft. Of course, Carson Wentz is among them. This is an interesting exercise and I am kind of looking forward to doing it again, you know, if they don’t trade DeShawn Watson.

Willis will be one of the first people I see. Very interesting player.

Question from @gloomysmitty: Joe Flacco started this year with a super low: 2.5.

For the love of God and all holy things, please go down. ?

Question from @KitWor: Will the Eagles look for a fourth quarterback in training camp at some point?

Unless that person is Watson, I think they will only play with three people.

Question from @DaveHarris73: Who do you think won the Paul Turner training camp MVP award, and how crazy will the Hawks’ Twitter become when he is fired for not being good at it?

I think either of Hakeem Butler and Terry Jackson, the two big and athletic close ends, are good candidates.

Comment from @NoVaphilly: Letting me ask is an infringement of my HIPPA rights.

Fair. I’m very sorry.

Question from @talonj13: With the volume of Eagles beat this year, do you plan to do another Eagles Beat Writer duel?

Ha, it turned out to be The Eagles beat the writers question stand-off power rankingsIn retrospect, the six reporters in these rankings will not be regulars in 2021 because the circumstances are different. They are Les Bowen (No. 10), Paul Domowitch (No. 11), Kristen Rodgers (No. 13), Nick Fierro (No. 16), Zack Rosenblatt (No. 19) and Derrick Gunn (No. 22). To be honest, this is a bit scary.

But to answer your question, I think this is a one-off. I don’t want to make anchor 2, so to speak. However, the news box food ranking will return.

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