Love Island 2021 News-Liam and Taylor are in huge trouble because the girls received evidence of their betrayal in Casa Amor

Love Island 2021 News-Liam and Taylor are in huge trouble because the girls received evidence of their betrayal in Casa Amor



Love Island Liam and Taylor will be in great trouble because the girls receive evidence of their betrayal in Casa Amor.

They have “getting along well” with the new girl and must face the music.

Liam confessed his “attractiveness” to Lily and even pulled her to chat. They agreed to sleep in a bed together, which stunned the fans.

The night before, he shared a three-way kiss with the new girls Salma and Clarice.

At the same time, Taylor was fascinated by Clarice and was still talking to Amy, while his “Miss” Fay had been returning to the villa loyally.

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  • information!

    The fans hope that last year’s Villa favorite Ovi will come back and give Millie the treatment she deserves.

  • Hugo’s cheers

    Everyone is talking about it.

    He doesn’t seem to mind being dyed either.

    Treat him well. what!

  • Toby is laughing now

    Well, at least Liam’s prank in Casa Amor has caused Toby to lose some of his enthusiasm.

    Liam is flirting with Lily, and his beloved Millie Mu is waiting for him at Casa Amor.

  • Take a thought for Hugo

    Well, at least he is working hard now.

  • KAZ taste new food

    Fans are here for this.

    that’s it.


    Oh, we don’t know.

    Taylor may be getting closer and closer to Amy, but Medie must have been dealing with Queen Katz in the villa.

    About the backup plan. what!

  • Give me more

    Fans can’t believe that they have to wait to know what happened.

  • Cliff hanger

    Not the other one.

    Fans are very angry, we have to wait 24 hours to know what shocking news is on Chloe’s postcard.

  • testing time

    For Liam, isn’t the real test to confuse Millie and Lily’s names?

  • Salma Search Party

    Has anyone seen this hot girl?

    To be honest, we are all attracted by Liam and Millie’s drama.

    Oh, she was thinking about him, did you hear that. She looks worried.

  • Such freedom

    Fans felt very uncomfortable watching Libs kiss someone she didn’t like.

  • Taylor blocked

    Do you see that Taylor always takes Kaz to his heart?

    When Clarice tried to tease him, he was like “Don’t do that, you will cause me trouble.”

    Good boy.

  • Loyal Library

    Did you see her kissing Matthew in 15 seconds?

    This is a good welcome for him. what!

  • Brugg

    Poor Millie

    Do you see how guilty she kissed the boy in the challenge?

    And poor Libs, she kissed another guy mechanically.

    Neither of them felt it.

  • Medi chaos

    Well, we saw you Kaz and Medhi huddling together cheeky.

    But did you see him helping her up?

    that is…

  • Challenge time

    Challenge or not, they are all working hard.

    Uh, have you seen Liam enjoy this kind of sex position a bit too much?

  • Teddy bear

    Someone needs to remove the Duracell battery from the teddy bear.

    Did you see Kayla’s improvisation dance while grafting it?

  • The craziest Casa ever

    It must be there, sure?

  • PIC N mixed

    Did you see Clarice jumping around between Tyler and Teddy?

    She means business. Just like she was in the plan.

    It’s nice to see Kaz and one of Casa’s handsome guys “feeling burned” together.

  • Resonance now

    Did you see Liam please Lily? Sorry, this looks like a deal.

  • Teddy question

    Do you think Teddy knows how much Faye will kill him now?

    “Strictly speaking, I’m single.” Did you see him flirting with Clarice?

    Well, don’t think Faye will agree with this.

  • real

    Well, it’s not Lucinda’s level, but Kaz’really, really, really, really, really…you see, she really likes Taylor.

    Line up the violin.

    Unable to deal with the fact that he was “crazy” in Casa Amor

  • Top and tail

    What is that Liam? “She was pressing on me.”

    Have you seen him pretending not to like boys?

  • excellent

    Love Island fans know where to go when calling “Energetic Liam”.

    His antics drove fans crazy on Twitter.

  • HU-GO and Kayla

    Share a bed? When did it happen?

    Well, it would be nice to see his chat, um, ITV2.

    Like Craig David said*Can you fill it out for me? “


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