Live results of the 5th day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Simone Biles is the latest, paddling the GB team in a quadruple scull

Live results of the 5th day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: Simone Biles is the latest, paddling the GB team in a quadruple scull



TEAM GB hopes that the medal craze will continue tonight, and it is possible to win more gold medals on the 5th day.

In the rowing competition, Britain won the silver medal in the men’s quadruple scull competition, bringing their total to 14!

But it was devastating for the British in the men’s foursome without a coxswain because they failed to win it for the first time since 1996 and finished fourth.

Then, the Rugby Sevens team will face New Zealand in the coveted semifinals.

Then we went to the swimming pool with Tom Dean. He hopes to win two gold medals in two days because he participated in the 4x200m freestyle relay.

At 6 am, Geraint Thomas will hope to recover from a tragic road race and win a gold medal in a time trial.

We will broadcast the Olympic men’s football game live, and some big names will withdraw from the game during the group stage.

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Keep up to date with all the updates from Tokyo in our live blog…

  • Swimming – Women’s 200m Medley Final

    Abby Wood was so close, but she only finished fourth besides the medal.

    Incredibly close to the final.

  • Swimming – Women’s 200m Medley Final

    GB’s Wood looked very strong halfway through!

    This is near…

  • Swimming-Women’s 200m Medley Final

    We left Wood in the 5th lane, Wilson on the outside of the 8th lane!

  • Swimming-Women’s 200m Medley Final

    Players like Wood and Wilson from GB are here!

  • Hockey latest

    Defending champion GB strikes when it is important to beat India and take a big step to the quarterfinals of hockey.

    The Rio heroine lost the first game against Germany and then defeated South Africa again.

    But after a blazing start with a goal within 75 seconds, GB owed the goalkeeper Maddie Hinch debt before winning 4-1.

    After Sarah Rael shifted the goal, Hannah Martin stabbed the ball on the spot.

    When Martin’s reverse cue passes through the goalkeeper to double the advantage, it seems like an easy task.

    But India got a goal back through Sharmila Devi through an excellent corner kick routine, and with the hard work of the Indian, Hinch made five key saves.

    However, Lily Owsley passed the ball from Shona McCallum’s cross into the net-the Indian protest was futile-and then Grace Balsden ( Grace Balsdon calmly converted the penalty after Osley’s shot was blocked by the Indian at the free throw line.

    The next task for GB is to be the 100% team leader the Netherlands tomorrow.

  • Swimming-Women’s 200m Individual Medley Next

    Abby Wood and Alicia Wilson are heading to England when the game is about to start!

    it has started! ! !

  • Swimming latest

    After an amazing semi-final show, British James Wilby entered the 200m breaststroke final.

    Wilby advanced to the second fastest qualifying round!

  • New Zealand 29-7 TEAM GB

    After being defeated and defeated by New Zealand, the GB team will participate in the bronze medal match of Rugby Sevens.

    The Rio silver medalist was almost unable to attack because the New Zealander won 29-7 and now faces Argentina (or Fiji) in the third place match at 7.30am.

    GB has no captain Tom Mitchell who was frustrated by failure.

  • Sevens

    A huge game is being staged, and Britain will face New Zealand in the gold medal match at Tokyo Stadium around 10 am this morning.

    New Zealand has not yet been defeated in the game.

    We will bring you score updates here.

  • Silver-clad

    For British rowers, this is not an old-fashioned morning, but the quadruple sculls won a considerable silver medal.

  • Rowing-Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final

    And Britain insists!

    The GB team with four sculls won the silver award!

  • Rowing-Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final

    Compete for the silver medal for Team GB!

    Can they do it?

  • Rowing-Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final

    There is still 750m!

    The Netherlands surpasses the UK…

  • Rowing-Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final

    A good start for the GB team, they are leading the way!

    Harry Leask, Angus Groom, Tom Barras and Jack Beaumont are on fire.

  • Rowing-Men’s Quadruple Sculls Final

    Don’t mess around on the lake tonight..

    We are on the road again!

  • Rowing finals

    For the GB team tonight, this is a tragic three-game final.

    Ranked fourth in each final.

    The men’s quadruple sculls were next to the final. Can the GB team take one out of the bag?

  • Rowing-Men’s No Rudder Quad Final

    The UK still has a steering problem!

    They almost clashed with Italy.

    And GB is completed outside the medal position.

    There is a devastating ending.

  • Rowing-Men’s No Rudder Quad Final

    300m left!

    The British team is still in second place, but the Italian team is playing a role.

  • Rowing-Men’s No Rudder Quad Final

    Australia leads, while Romania plays.

    Second in the GB group!

    This is the exciting GB to overlap!

  • Rowing-Men’s No Rudder Quad Final

    Australia took the lead in the first time.

    The United Kingdom ranks third.

  • Rowing-Men’s No Rudder Quad Final

    We are off!

    Can Britain win the gold medal for the sixth time in a row?

  • Rowing-Men’s No Rudder Quad Final

    The British team has an extraordinary record in the fours without coxswain and has won championships in the past five Olympic Games.

    Won the gold medal for the fifth time in a row in the Rio Four, the winner is Spich He broke the record held by East Germany with his teammates, who won four consecutive Olympic titles from 1968 to 1980.

    The last time the British failed to win was in Atlanta in 1996.

    There, they won the bronze medal and Australia won the gold medal.

  • Rowing-Women’s Final Four

    Team GB won the fourth place again!

    Ireland won the bronze medal…

    The men’s four-man team without coxswain will play in 10 minutes

  • Rowing-Women’s Final Four

    Australia led the three bronze medal races with Britain after 1500 meters!

  • Rowing-Women’s Final Four

    Rowan McKellar, Harriet Taylor, Karen Bennett and Rebecca Shorten now play for the GB team.

    GB hits third in the first place! Australia leads…


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