Live MLB trading rumors: Kimbrel’s backup plan; Harper sends a bat signal to Kobe

Live MLB trading rumors: Kimbrel’s backup plan; Harper sends a bat signal to Kobe



Before the MLB trade deadline this year, the Phillies have publicly admitted that they will be buyers. Dave Dombrowski, president of baseball operations, and Sam Fuld, general manager, need to address three main areas: center field, start pitching, and of course the bullpen.

On Monday, we looked at some starting pitcher options that the Phillies could consider adding because of how much they have to spend and their position in the standings. Going all out at this point is a tricky proposal, even if ownership can be exempted from the luxury tax, because they may greatly reduce the future equivalent to the lottery. In addition, they may not even have sufficient conditions to purchase the main part—especially the part under long-term control—before the transaction deadline on Friday, which may force them to accept a certain lease option. If this is not enough to end their ten-year postseason drought, what is it for?

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Today, we will look at a pair of bullpen options that the Phillies can use as a backup plan to defeat Craig Kimbrel in the Chicago penalty area with the other Cubs. If there is any kind of bidding war, it is difficult for the Phillies to afford Kimbrel, but the Phillies can choose to trade for another cheaper Cubs rescue team. According to Jon Hyman, there is reported interest.

One of the pitchers, left-handed Andrew Chaffin, was sent to the track team on Monday night. But Ryan Tepera is still available, and if the Phillies want to upgrade their bullpen, it shouldn’t cost too much.

The 27-year-old Tepera was 4 years younger than Chafin. He scored 2.91 points in 43 1/3 innings in 43 games and knocked down 50 batsmen. He has experience as a reserve team as well as experience as a near-line player-and more importantly, since June 28, he has never won again. The Phillies must have done worse than the veteran.

In order to get relief from the veteran, especially if it is Kimbrel, the Phillies may include one of their top prospects in the trade: Spencer Howard.this is more From Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Of course, Howard is always possible to leave on Saturday. There are signs that the Phillies are willing to use him in trades, possibly for rescue. Phils has targeted Craig Kimbrel, who is closer to the Chicago Cubs, and targeted his bullpen teammate Andrew Chafin before being traded to Oakland on Monday night. Kimbrel’s price is high, and in addition to the Phillies, several teams are pursuing him. The spending of the Phillies can start with Howard.

But then again, maybe the current pitching pressure means the Phillies will hold on to him tightly. []

Howard left in Monday night’s victory due to blisters on his throwing hands. When he plans to start again, will he be here on Saturday?

Send bat signal

Related to this–because it involves another Cubs player who may be on the court before Friday–we can talk about the bat used by Bryce Harper in the ninth inning of the Phillies’ victory over the Nationals NS?

Harper and Kris Bryant have some history, but why should he use Bryant’s bat? Why is it that now, just a few days before the trade deadline, there is high speculation that the Cubs third baseman might move? The two are close friends, and there are even reports that Harper hopes to land in Chicago before signing with the Phillies, so the conspiracy is obvious.

The Phillies have been associated with Kobe in the past, and Dombrovsky is clearly willing to pay the luxury tax. If the Phillies really want to play a strong game to satisfy their $330 million man, then he seems You can get it. And, yes, they currently have a young Alec Bohm at third base, but some believe he might serve first base better. So what will happen to Rees Hoskins? Well, if the designated batsmen continue to return to the National League next year, they will have a very suitable DH to slide into that position. In addition, Kobe played multiple positions, including first base and all three outfield positions. Finding a place for him will not be a problem.

Either may be This is a complete coincidence, and we usually read too much about it. Either way, we will provide you with all the latest news, rumors and analysis before the MLB transaction deadline in our real-time tracker. stay tuned…

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