Kirknorcross admitted that he had a four-day cocaine binge but said he was sober three months after his father Mick’s tragic suicide

Former Towie star Kirk Norcross said that when he disclosed his four-day cocaine addict, he was “anything addict.”

The 33-year-old man bravely discussed his recovery in his Instagram story yesterday, hoping to help anyone “fighting with drug addiction”.


Kirk Norcross shared his sober journey on Instagram yesterdayImage Credit: Kirk Norcross/Instagram
The star who became famous on Towie discussed his drug addiction, hoping to help people in similar situations


The star who became famous on Towie discussed his drug addiction, hoping to help people in similar situationsCredit: Rex Features

The ITVBe star explained that he turned to cocaine to deal with “things” he couldn’t face, including his father Mick’s suicide in January.

Kirk, Celebrating three months of sobriety, explained: “So my addiction is cocaine, fucking bending every week, bending four days a week, spending money I don’t get…

“The main reason I used to use cocaine was because there were things I couldn’t handle. I can’t give you an incident because so many things have happened.

“But fuck, I can’t handle that, I can’t handle it, so I will get rid of my madness, thinking it will solve the problem. This is what my addiction told me,” he added.

“But I now realize that the problem I encountered, the reason for my drug use, still exists. It will not go away.

I will get rid of my madness thinking it will solve the problem

Kirk Norcross

“So I will stick to it for four days, spending a few hundred pounds a day, for four consecutive days, lack of work, spend money, I am not making money
I locked myself at home. “

He continued: “Not only does this problem exist, it will get worse because I take too much drugs.

“Listen, if someone encounters a minor problem or anything, taking a ticket will not solve the problem.

“That one hour, two hours, three hours, four days, whatever you do, your brain will shut down. But as I always say, it doesn’t solve any problems.”

Become sober

Kirk then talked about how participating in an anonymous cocaine event helped him regain his sobriety, and admitted that he had recovered for nine months when his father Mick died.

He continued: “I was awake for 9 months last year, and then I was happy. I relapsed a little bit, and then I was clean again.

“It’s not to blame my dad for death, but I had a big old shake when my dad died. And I’m awake again for three months now.

“It’s crazy how healthy you feel in such a short period of time, but guys give it a try.”

Rehabilitation journey

The former reality TV star subsequently admitted that cocaine “ruined” his life and explained that he was “addicted to everything”, including love.

“It’s all or nothing for me,” Kirk shared. “I realize that I am addicted to everything. I am addicted to food and cooking.

“If I’m doing something, I have to do it. I will go to the butcher’s shop, spend stupid money I don’t have, and come in and make food that I don’t know how to eat.

“Drugs-I would buy all drugs, sit here and ruin myself, almost committing suicide. I am addicted to everything.”

You are not alone

In the UK, one person dies by suicide every 90 minutes.

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He reflected: “Anyone who has known me from my TV age will realize that I am a love addict. I will fall in love with fucking ham rolls, as I used to be.

“But no matter what, it sounds like someone is there to help you take the medicine I promise you. The white powder won’t solve any problems at all.”

Kirk’s frank talk about his drug addiction took place a day later He talked about his father’s death first.

Mick Norcross He was found dead in January of this year at the age of 57, and an investigation this week ruled that he had ended his life.

Kirk said he was determined to ensure that others would not suffer silently like his tragic father, and explained how he found his father on that tragic day and tried to save his life.

Kirk now runs a jet washing service company, and he revealed that he will always be troubled by what happened and is too sad to participate in last week’s investigation.

Kirk describes his father Mick -Who has Four children -As his “best friend” and hero, and urge others to speak up when they need support.

Kirk took a photo with his father Mykonokros, who was found dead at home on January 21


Kirk took a photo with his father Mykonokros, who was found dead at home on January 21Image Credit: Kirk Norcross/Facebook

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