American gymnast Simon Byers withdrew from the second game because of the need to pay attention to mental health

American gymnast Simon Byers withdrew from the second game because of the need to pay attention to mental health


Simone Biles will not defend her Olympic title.

The American gymnastics superstar has withdrawn from Thursday’s all-around competition to focus on her mental health. The US Gymnastics team stated in a statement that the 24-year-old player chose not to participate in the competition. The organization also stated that it will evaluate Byers before deciding whether to participate in the individual event next week.

The decision was made the day after Byers withdrew from the team finals after the rotation, because she felt she was not mentally prepared yet.

Jed Carey, who finished ninth in the qualifying, will replace Byers in the all-around competition. Kelly did not qualify for the competition initially because she was the third-ranked American after Byers and Sunisa Lee. The rules of the International Gymnastics Federation limit the country to only two athletes in each event in the finals.

Bills withdrew from the team competition earlier

On Tuesday, Byers withdrew from the game after a rotation-the vault-this amazing decision opened the door to the gold medal for the team representing the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). After the 24-year-old player realized that the vault was faltering, her American teammate was not suitable for participating in the competition. Since then, her American teammate has maintained the silver medal status.

“I don’t want to make a second guess about myself when participating in any other events,” Byers said. “So, I think it would be better if I step back and let these girls go out and do their jobs.”

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Byers said that a few hours before the game, she started to feel nervous and could not explain.

“I was trembling, almost unable to nap,” Byers said. “Before participating in the competition, I had never felt like this before.”

Byers served as the chief cheerleader in the last three rotations, while Grace McCallum, Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chilis continued to play without her. The American-driven by Lee’s uneven bars routine, even Byers can’t compare-reduced the difference to eight tenths through three rotations. However, ROC has never wavered on the court. They broke out when 21-year-old Angelina Melnikova’s scoring put them on the podium for the first time since the unified team won in Barcelona in 1992.

“It can’t be possible now,” Melnikova said.

On Tuesday, on the fourth day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the women’s team final at the Ariake Gymnastics Center, Byers won chalk for her teammates. (Ezrashaw/Getty Images)

Byers’ teammates praised her for staying on the playing field, cheering for them, and even helping them get chalk before the game started.

“This means a lot to us because she is the leader of our team,” Lee told CBC Sports. “When your idol is there to help you complete all your daily tasks, it is a very special thing that I will cherish forever.”

Watch | Simone Biles praises her teammates:

The American gymnast talked about her teammates coming forward after she withdrew from the team competition. 1:29

In an Instagram post after the game, Byers praised her teammate for being “very brave and talented.”

“I will always be inspired by your determination not to give up and overcome adversity! They came forward when I couldn’t do it. Thank you for being by my side and supporting me! Love you forever.”

Britain defeated Italy and won the bronze medal.

The victory of the Republic of China came the day after the men’s team defeated the Japanese team in the men’s final to take first place.

The US team entered the women’s final and hoped to recover from the unstable performance in the qualifying. At that time, the US team was second only to the Republic of China.

Byers posted on social media on Monday that she felt the burden of the world on her shoulders. This affected her practice. This affected her confidence. When she walked on the vaulting track, it finally found a suitable way for her performance.

“It’s very sad to see her go out like that, because I think this Olympics is hers,” Li said.

On Tuesday, the gymnasts representing the Russian Olympic Committee team celebrated after winning the gold medal in the Japanese team competition. (Mike Black/Reuters)

Biles plans to perform the Amanar vault, first bounce the rounded back hand onto the table, and then perform 2.5 twists. However, she seemed to have changed her mind in mid-air and only made 1.5 twists.

She walked off the podium and was looked after by team doctor Marcia Faustin before leaving the field. Her teammates moved to the uneven bars without her.

A few minutes later, when Byers returned, she hugged her teammate and let go. In this way, the greatest night ever is over.

Watch | Simone Biles withdraws from gymnastics team competition:

The American gymnastics superstar withdrew from the team competition after the vaulting at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday. 4:07

“This is very unusual for me,” Byers said. “So it’s worse for this to happen at the Olympics than at any other time. But, you know, I’m not really surprised in the past year.”

In a previous statement, the US gymnastics team did not specify the nature of Byers’ medical problems, saying that she “will be evaluated daily to determine the medical pass rate for future competitions.”

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