Wayne Rooney’s latest photo-When he passed out in a hotel room, the star called the police after the half-naked girl was posing for a photo

Wayne wants a “start again” source

The source told The Sun that he wanted to “start over” and “knowing that losing the unhealthy relationship with the bottle would be the best thing.”

11-year-old Kai’s father Rooney (Kai), 8-year-old Klay (Klay), 5-year-old Kit (Kit) and 3-year-old Cass (Cass), due to a series of drunken scandals and Colleen ( Coleen) together in the dog house.

In 2017, when he drove Laura Simpson home, he was sent off for driving under the influence at 2 am after drinking for 10 hours.

In 2019, the DC United player at the time was arrested for being drunk in public when he was “disoriented” by mixing alcohol and sleeping pills and triggered a security gate alarm at a US airport.

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