The eighth episode of Katie Thurston’s Bachelor Girl season features a “Men Tell Everything” special.

The preview of the episode tonight shows that this season’s villain, Karl Smith, was questioned by these people for portraying multiple contestants as influence chasers.

In previous episodes, someone saw Carl tell Katie that multiple men were there for the wrong reason, which made Katie suspect that she was dating a malicious man.

In “Men Tell Everything”, men try to clarify the facts. However, because Carl never gave Katie the name of any man he suspected, he could say that he was only talking about Thomas Jacobs.

In the last episode, Thomas revealed that he is participating in the show, hoping to eventually become the next bachelor.

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  • Fans mourn Michael’s decision to return home

    Fans of single girls expressed their sadness on Twitter that their favorite player, Michael, went home to spend more time with his son.

    One person wrote: “True tears. Michael is worthy of this world even more. A true king. #Single girl

  • Katie says she “supports” Michael going home

    Katie told Michael in a moment of excitement that he said he would go home, and she “supported” him to go home to see James.

    Michael replied: “You taught me how to love.”

    The couple hugged several times before Katie took him out.

  • Michael goes home

    Michael excitedly told Katie that he was going home to take care of his son.

    “It makes me sad because I saw a lot of things with us,” Michael told Katie.

    “I didn’t see this happen,” Katie replied.

    “I know. I’m sorry. I must leave here with all my assumptions,” he said.

    Katie burst into tears and replied, “I saw that we came to an end.”

  • Michael said that not being with his son was “making him sad”

    Michael came to see Katie to talk about his conflicting feelings about taking care of his son.

    He told the camera that being separated from his son made him “heartbroken.”

  • Michael talked to his son in tears

    In Men Tell All, Michael burst into tears while talking on the phone with his young son.

    “I feel guilty. I feel conflicted. I feel selfish,” he said.

    The official Twitter account of the single girl tweeted: “This is the fastest time we’ve seen #Single girl tbh”

  • Katie said she felt “most nervous” about meeting Michael’s parents

    Katie Thurston expressed her nervousness about the prospect of meeting Michael’s parents.

    She told the former single girl Tayshia Adams that she knew that choosing Michael would make her an “instant mom”.

  • Excited fans prepare for men to tell all the plot

    Excited fans are preparing for the bachelor’s “Men Tell Everyone” special tonight.

    Singles posted photos of some male contestants on Twitter: “Everyone is dressed up and there is only one place to go. #Single girl: The Men Tell All, about to start from ABC! “

  • How to watch the “Men Tell Everything” special program

    Tonight’s single girl season 17 special is now starting.

    The show can be watched live on ABC. The series can also be played on Hulu the next day.

    Viewers can also watch the show on YouTube TV and Discovery +.

  • Fans criticize Katie’s relationship with Black

    Earlier this month, fans of single girls lashed out at Katie Thurston’s relationship with Black because they were “fear” of another Claire Crowley and Dalmers-style ending.

    After changing the situation in the middle of the season, Black immediately had a one-on-one date, and their relationship quickly heated up.

    When the two met for the first time, they rode a pair of horses and got lost in the wilderness of New Mexico.

    Although many fans can’t deny the chemistry between them, they are afraid that the direction of this season will be similar to the last season of single girls with Claire and Dell.

  • How many suitors are left?

    The single girl Katie Thurston has yet to choose between four eligible suitors.

    Lucky gentlemen include Michael Allio, Greg Grippo, Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze.

  • Spoiler reveals the fate of Greg Gribo

    The spoiler reality Steve reveals the fate of Greg as he entered his hometown as one of the last four of Katie Thurston.

    According to the King of Reality TV Spoilers, Greg wanted to confront Katie because he “feeled that he got some kind of assurance from Katie that he was that person, or that he would be selected, but he didn’t understand. Why is she still involved with other people. Men.”

    Reality Steve called the battle a “real crash” that lasted for several hours.

  • When is the episode tonight?

    The single girl will be broadcast for two hours tonight at 8pm Eastern Time.

    The 17th episode of tonight is a special show “Men Tell Everything”.

    You can watch it on ABC.

  • Trailer shows Michael Allio considering quitting

    In a video posted to Instagram from the show’s official account, the single Katie Thurston burst into tears as Michael Arrio considered leaving.

    In a heartbreaking phone call with his son, the single father apparently told the toddler upset: “I miss you like crazy.”

    He can hear his son’s voice: “Maybe Dad doesn’t want to see me.”

    Tonight, in the “explosive” man telling everyone that Katie meets her ex, the men can express their feelings.

  • Who will star in the bachelor next season?

    The next season will be starring Michel Young, a former contestant of Matt James’s “The Bachelor” season.

    In James’ season, Michelle was the runner-up to the final rose champion Rachel Kirk Cornell.

    Young was born on June 3, 1993. He is 28 years old and is an elementary school teacher.

    After James’ season, she and Katie Thurston were appointed as the new bachelor girl.

  • What happened to the episode last week?

    In an episode last week, Katie immediately regretted her choice to cancel Andrew Spencer because she begged him to stay.

    Although the 26-year-old chased him through the hotel when he quit the show, Katie was unable to persuade her suitor to stay after he admitted to being “displaced” because of her dismissal.

  • The right reason?

    Fans slammed finalist Andrew Spencer for joining Performing for the “wrong cause” After he previously claimed that he wanted to be the next bachelor.

    In a tweet in 2014, Andrew26 years old, smiled and wrote: “Let me be the next bachelor.”

    Posts on social media have attracted a lot of attention from fans-as an important theme for the 30-year-old Katie, men have appeared there for the “right reason” this season.

  • Man tells everything

    Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams will host the episode “Men Tell Everything”.

    “Tayshia and Kaitlyn can be connected to Katie’s journey in many different ways, and you will see these happenings, so it’s nice to have them there to help resolve any situations that arise,” a source said.

    “Tayshia has a lot of fun and loves to do it. She and Katielin form a great team.”


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