Tom Daley, Matty Lee and Adam Peaty won gold medals, British team rugby and hockey won

Tom Daley, Matty Lee and Adam Peaty won gold medals, British team rugby and hockey won


We digress!

Tom Daley and Matty Lee won the gold medal in the men’s 10-meter synchronized diving after nervously waiting to determine whether to win.

The pair completed their last jump and just defeated the defending champion China

Earlier, Adam Peaty won the GB team’s first gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics after easily completing the 100-meter breaststroke.

Meanwhile, 23-year-old Alex Yee won the triathlon silver medal after being eliminated by the outstanding Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt.

The British team won both in men’s rugby sevens and hockey.

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  • Stay away from the swimming pool

    Lauren Williams entered the Taekwondo semi-finals after defeating Heda Yamarek 13-12.

    The Egyptians pulled him back within one point. She faced a belated panic, but she saw it very clearly.

  • ? GB Gold Medal! !

    Thirteen years After his debut in the Olympics, Tom Daley finally became the Olympic champion!

    He and Marty Lee-during his Olympic debut-shed tears as they embraced. We shed tears in the stands for those holding the GB flag!

    The six-round outstanding performance of this pair of British combination, completely deserved Olympic champion!

  • The score comes in

    101.52, they gave it a good opportunity, but it was not enough!

  • This is coming for the Chinese

    This must be perfect…it is!

    Wow, this will be close after all! Daly and Lee look very nervous now.

  • nailed it! !

    That should be an Olympic gold medal! !

    Stunning action in the toughest dive in the world and a small group of Union Jacks in the stadium stood up from their seats!

    101.01 The last jump! They will not be caught-471.81!

  • Then let’s start

    The British duo is about to make a huge dive, which is their most complex dive.

    Flip forward 4.5 somersaults. It is difficult to complete, but if it is done well at 3.7 difficulty, it will pay off.

    They are next.

  • A round…

    How will the two end this 10m platform event?

    This is in their hands, and they really need to put pressure on the Chinese team.

  • Chinese bite back

    This time they got better results from the defending champions because they reached a difficulty of 3.7-the hardest in the world-and did a good job.

    93.24 There is a real narrowing of the gap.

    But Daly and Lee still lead by 370.80 to 369.08.

  • Fifth round

    Lee and Daley had a difficulty of 3.4 this time.

    A reverse 3.5 somersault. Daly looked calm when talking to them during the countdown…

    nailed it!Another hug from the coach!

    That one is 89.76, and the score they set is 370.80.

  • Ok

    The error from the Chinese right, because the entry almost emptied the pool, huge splash!

    Not a very good score, they scored 275.82 after the fourth round.

    GB leads at 281.04!

  • Dive four

    The difficulty of Daly and Lee is 3.6 degrees.

    3.5 back somersaults…and a hug between coach GB! ! This shows that this is a great dive, wonderful synchronization.

    The pressure of a world champion…

  • Fleeing China

    After three rounds of competition, Cao Yuan and Chen Aisen ranked top in the 10m platform standings.

    After the three dives, their score was 202.38, and Daly and Li ranked second with 187.08.

  • Dive three

    This puts pressure on whether the British combination can put pressure on the defending champion China.

    This time it was 3.5 churning inwards, which looks really good! Matty Lee rotates slightly when entering the water.

    79.68 points. Not as good as they ultimately hoped. 187.08 total.

  • In tennis

    British duo Jamie Murray and Neil Shupusky will participate in the men’s doubles match.

    This is not good news because they lost to home favorite Kei Nishikori and Ben McLachlan 6-3 in the first set.

    The second set kicked off 1-1.

  • Dive two

    This time the duo performed a half somersault with a 1/2 twist.

    They nailed it! 54.60 points, with a total score of 107.40 points.

    An excellent start for the guys behind the Chinese hotspot.

  • Solid start

    The dive required is a biscuit from the British duo.

    Their score is 52.80, a half-flip.

    The combination started with the British because they were tied for second place after diving.

  • Daly Time

    The men’s diving is in progress. Tom Daley and Matty Lee are teaming up for GB in synchronized diving.

  • Good Morning Olympic Fans

    Waking up this Monday morning? This is all the incredible action you missed.

    • Adam Peaty defended his 100m breaststroke and won the GB team’s first gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
    • Alex Yee won the runner-up and silver medal in the men’s triathlon
    • Britain defeated Canada 24-0 and 3-1 in Rugby Sevens and Hockey respectively.
    • Ariarne Titmus shocked Katie Ledecky to win the gold medal in the women’s 400m freestyle-will be described in detail later.
  • Burgess Final

    The 10-person canoe slalom final started at 7.45 in the morning.

    Burgess of England ranked eighth after making the 18th free throw in 25 minutes.

  • He is qualified

    Burgess advanced to the final with a score of 106.18.

    Shoulder a two-second free throw, but the 11th in the world ranking seems to be under control.

    He is currently ranked seventh, so he will be one of those who will be out early in the finals later this morning.

  • Burgess is coming

    Adam Burgess will participate in the men’s canoe slalom.

    The 29-year-old player needs to score 109.94 to advance to the final.

  • Medal table

    After Adam Peaty and Alex Yee won the medals this morning, the GB team has made great progress on the ladder.

    Ranked eighth, there are more on-site opportunities

    Image source: Olympic Games website
    Image source: Olympic Games website
  • Busy morning

    This is everything we must look forward to this morning:

    • Diving-Tom Daly (7 AM)
    • Off-Road Mountain Bike, Men-Tom Pidcock (7am)
    • Taekwondo-Lauren Williams (7.30am)
    • Canoe slalom-Adam Burgess (7.45am)
    • Rugby 7 seconds (8.30am)
    • Judo Medal (9 AM)
    • Fencing medals (10 am)
    • Women’s Hockey-England vs. South Africa (10.30 AM)
    • Gymnastics Men’s Team Final-Max Whitlock, Joe Fraser, James Hall and Giarnni Regini-Moran (11am)
  • Diving is coming

    In less than an hour, Tom Daly and his Olympic debut partner Marty Lee boarded the board.

    Daly said that since becoming parents with her husband, his views on life have changed, and he hopes to have fun at these sports games.

    No matter what I do, I know I will go home, and they will love me no matter what. Now I don’t have that much pressure on myself, I can enjoy myself. Normally, when you enjoy it, you will provide a better performance anyway.

    Tom DaleyBBC Sports

  • Miss his medal game?

    Read all about Adam Peaty’s gold medal defense here.

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