The new multi-chain layer 2 DEX testnet is now live: zkLink »CryptoNinjas

Multi-chain two-layer integrated DEX zkLink based on ZK-rollup technology is online today Testnet On four chains: Ethereum Rinkeby, Polygon, Heco, and Ethereum Goerli.

Multi-chain assets can now be used to perform deposits, withdrawals, execute transactions, swaps, and add and remove liquidity.

In addition, through the test nest, users can exchange cross-chain assets and use liquidity pairs of local tokens from four independent chains. Some examples include CAKE-SUSHI, BNB-HT, USDT(ERC20)-US??DT(BEP20), BUSD-HUSD, and WBTC-BTCB.

Step-by-step user guide for using the zkLink testnet Click here.

Recently, the zkLink smart contract has passed Certik’s review; the zkLink team is also conducting a final inspection.

ZKL is the governance token of zkLink (ERC-20). Later, more details about the token economy will be released.

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