The landmark Downey’s Irish Pub on South Street in Philadelphia will be demolished

The landmark Downey’s Irish Pub on South Street in Philadelphia will be demolished



Since 2016, after being idle on the corner of South Street and Front Street, this former Downey Irish Pub building will soon turn into rubble.

Submitted documents Licensing and Inspection Department Show city issued Permit to completely dismantle the bar – Including 526 S. Front St. to 109-11 South St. – Sold to the owner CWMW Lending LLC on July 7. According to reports, the building was purchased for US$1.15 million in 2017. Overseas Chinese Real Estate.

This Apply for demolition Downey was submitted to the city by Rich Villa of Ambit Architecture. The L&I record also describes plans to redevelop the site with additional mixed-use structures. The first floor of the proposed new building will be a commercial space, above which the plan calls for the construction of 18 residential units. The building will have a roof terrace for residents, a cellar and six dedicated bicycle parking spaces.

Vera said that as part of the new building, the old Downey property will not change the owner Philadelphia Business JournalVern Anastasio, a lawyer representing Ambit Architecture, stated that the project aims to “inject new vitality” into a “long neglected area”.

“I was asked to file an appeal so that we can obtain the required zoning differences. I think this will be a sensational new development that will include vibrant commercial and residential spaces, which will be a great deal for that place. Good change, because it has been dead for a long time, too long,” Anastasio told the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Downey opened in 1976 and its original owner, Jack Downey, sold the property to his chef Domenico Centofanti in 2003. Inquirer.

The ownership of Centofanti was eventful to say the least. In 2005, his brother Shot and wounded their mother, then committed suicide In the apartment upstairs, diners are eating Mother’s Day brunch. Centofanti filed for bankruptcy in 2010, and Downey appeared in the first season the following year “Bar Rescue” After being temporarily closed due to violation of the health code.

Jon Taffer’s efforts to save the bar were in vain.according to Inquirer, Downey’s liquor license was properly kept on November 1, 2015, which means that it cannot legally provide liquor. When Downey faced the sheriff’s sale and closed it permanently in 2016, Centofanti owes the city His accumulated taxes and interest since 2013 are US$80,712.43.

Ori Feibush, the founder of OCF Realty, told Philadelphia Business Magazine that the area near Downey “desperately needs a map that can bring to the commercial corridors there and help create traffic.”

He said: “At this point, you can hardly use the existing housing stock or available real estate to generate the density and flow of people needed to build a viable commercial corridor.” “It has been in history, but I don’t think it is possible at this time. This situation.”


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