The father who has given birth to 21 surrogate babies a year has given birth to 9 children with his ex. His eldest son is ten years older than his wife.

A DAD who welcomed 21 surrogate babies within a year has nine children from previous relationships-his eldest son is ten years older than his current wife.

Christina Oztuk, 24, from Batumi, Georgia, It recently made headlines for paying 143,000 pounds (168,000 euros) to the surrogate over a period of more than a year, In her search for as many as 105 babies.

Kristina (Kristina) and Galip Ozturk (Galip Ozturk) have a total of 21 surrogate children, the birth time difference is only more than a year
But Galip also has 9 children from previous relationships
But Galip also has 9 children from previous relationships

This expanding family is funded by her 57-year-old millionaire Turkish businessman husband Galip, who is actually a 30-year-old father.

In an interview Forbes Last year, my father revealed: “It is true that I have nine children, but they all live and work in Turkey.

“My youngest is 12 and the oldest is 34. Even my 12-year-old son works part-time, selling vegetables and eggs.

“My son and daughter help me manage my company. As time goes by, their work gets better and better.

“They have the vitality of young people. Some of them are engaged in tourism, while others are active in the financial sector. They are all working.”

Cristina and Galip’s relationship insider

Christina from Russia met Galip when she visited Batumi during her first trip abroad.

Like Galip, she also has a child from a previous relationship-a six-year-old child named Victoria, and she does live with them.

The couple welcomed their first child through surrogacy in March last year, a young boy named Mustafa-they have not stopped since.

Christina told Fabulous before: “I have dreamed of this since I was a child. My husband also dreamed of having a big and happy family. So after we met, we started to put our dreams into action.”

Kristina and Galip pay 8,000 euros (£7,700) to the surrogate mother for each pregnancy, and they also hire 16 full-time nanny with a monthly salary of US$500 (£350).

The babysitter’s work schedule is four consecutive days, two days off, all living at home, with the bedroom close to the children. They also have their own kitchen where they can order food.

The family eats 20 large packs of diapers and 53 packs of infant formula every week.

Christina said: “All children’s necessities cost about US$5,000-6,000 (£3,500-4,200) a week. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

“Every child has his own wardrobe, but sometimes they share clothes and take pictures.”

Victoria, pictured on the right, is the daughter of her mother who was in love before
Victoria, pictured on the right, is the daughter of her mother who was in love before

Their children are Mustafa, 15 months old; Mariam, 14 months; Irene, 14 months; Alisha, 14 months; Hassan, 13 months; Judy, 13 months ; Harper, one; Teresa, one; Hussein, one; Anna, 11 months; Isabella, 11 months; Ismail, 10 months; Muhammad, 10 months; Aiha Mead, 10 months; Ali, nine months; Christina, nine months; Sarah, eight months; Rockman, eight months; Galip, seven months; and Olivia, five moon.

Christina recently revealed that she welcomed her 22nd birth child on Instagram, and we don’t know his name.

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