Retired Philadelphia 76ers announcer Mark Zumov lands on Cameo

Retired Philadelphia 76ers announcer Mark Zumov lands on Cameo


After the 76ers were eliminated in the NBA playoffs last time, Philadelphia fans were once again hit by longtime game announcer Mark Zumov Retire from the booth.

Zumov spoke for the 76ers for 27 years, and he created a series of phrases that gave him a unique place in the history of the Philadelphia Sports Broadcasting Corporation. It’s hard to imagine watching a 76ers game without Zumov taking us to the ground or yelling “Yes!” ecstatically. After the clutch in the fourth quarter bucket.

When the 2021-22 NBA season begins in October, it is still unknown who will succeed Zumov, but if you miss his voice and warm greetings, you can now book Zumov on Cameo.

“Hi, this is Marc Zumoff. All doors and windows are still locked. Still turning rubbish into gold,” Zumoff said in a video on his Cameo page. “And I can help you do the same thing—birthdays, anniversaries, or just kidding—all thanks to being a member of the Cameo family. Come on, hit me.”

The Philadelphia sports world is a prime place for media figures, former players and coaches to use platforms like Cameo.Former Eagles head coach Doug Pederson recently joined Cameo And because of its personalized information and received praise.

Zumoff started his Cameo career at a very affordable price of $39, compared to $175 for Pederson and $500 for Brian Dawkins. I have to admit that Cameo is a very strange market. This concept is meaningful and obviously requires access to personalised content of celebrities. It’s a bit strange to put a dollar figure on it and realize how easy it is for celebrities to use their position to make money.

People can look at it cynically, or they can be happy to have the opportunity to bring joy to others in the form of unexpected videos.

For Zumoff, this is basically filling up a can of gasoline. And he is the kind of person who smiles immediately after receiving his message.

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