Report: Wizards star Bradley Beal wants 76ers assistant to serve as head coach, considering the future of the team

Report: Wizards star Bradley Beal wants 76ers assistant to serve as head coach, considering the future of the team



Bradley Beal has been closely watched by league executives for many years, and there have been more rumors about his future in Washington than ever before.According to a new report on Monday, the Wizards’ star guard came after a member of the Philadelphia coaching staff took over from Washington, D.C.

The coach? Sam Cassell, a frequently mentioned name in Philadelphia, he has a history of cooperation with Bill and has a wide record/multiple championships as a player.According to Fred Katz Sports meeting, Cassel lost to Wes Unseld Jr. in coaching for the Wizards. This may be a factor in Bill’s reassessment of his time in Washington:

“Not many people can say who they want to join in their team. Not many people have the opportunity to build a team around them. So, you can’t ignore these things. Then there is your commitment to the city, and your commitment to the community. , Your team’s commitments, these things are very important,” [Beal said about his future in March.]

But according to sources, this control did not reach the Wizards’ recent head coach search as Bill hoped. This is one of the reasons why he was frustrated when he was the best choice for this job-76ers assistant. Sam Cassell, Bill served as Washington’s assistant for the first time for several NBA seasons-unable to conduct a second interview. Former Nuggets assistant Wes Unseld Jr. finally got the job, replacing current Scott Brooks earlier this month.

This is Bill who wants a single-team legacy. But one of the main reasons he chose to stay in Washington was that all teams in the league believed that the need for trade was inevitable because the team continued to be unable to compete for the championship. This was because control might not be all—as he once thought. Therefore, he reassessed.

Not a requirement. Not a request. not recommend. But considering the ever-changing situation, reassess. [The Athletic]

Bill’s future in Washington has been questioned, despite his constant public commitments to the organization, and the reasons are relatively easy to understand.He found himself in such a situation seem As if he wanted to leave there. The Wizards have been at some sort of dead end for many years. Entering the playoffs and being slaughtered by the 76ers is not something that anyone expects a high-level player like Bill to accept.

Therefore, the head coach search is an opportunity for Bill to potentially exert his influence and shape the organization in the way he sees fit. With Washington moving away from Kassel and away from Bill’s desire to report, they at least showed that they are willing to put what they think is best above the immediate happiness of their star. Now, it’s time for Bill to make the decision that he had delayed for a while.

The relationship between Kassel and Bill, even as an assistant chairman in Philadelphia, is an important factor to consider when investigating the prospect of potential offers. Bill’s contract will expire sooner or later-most people expect him to reject his 2022-23 player option-and it is crucial to understand his mind and what he wants before he can act for him.

This situation may quickly become urgent, and Katz reports that Bill may make a decision on his future “as soon as this week.” So this begs an important question-what is the value of Bill to the 76ers and the market as a whole, and should they act quickly to get him?

When Bill left college, as a sweet shooter who could partner with John Wall, he had grown into one of the best scorers in the NBA. In the last two seasons in Washington, he averaged more than 30 points per game, a dangerous man from every field you can think of. Bill lacks top-level athleticism, but he makes up for it in craftsmanship. He weaves clever finishes into controversial shots that make the opposing team’s defensive morale low. Over time, Bill has become a more dangerous pick-and-roll operator, a solid, if unobtrusive organizer, who can make correct readings when the pressure tilts in his direction. The most important development of Bill in the past few seasons is the rise of the free throw line-Bill has been ranked high in the number of free throws in the past two seasons, and is ahead of James Harden and Damian in the 2020-21 season. James Harden and Damian Lillard. Averaged 7.7 attempts per game, ranking sixth in the league.

The benefits of Joel Embiid’s 76ers are not as obvious as Damian Lillard, because Lillard is a more dangerous offensive player than Bill’s deeper and more stable range. Bill Embiid’s pick-and-roll will not be as terrible as Lillard, because Bill’s core ability to play is not as good as Portland’s point guard. In other words, he will attract a lot of attention away from Embiid, making the 76ers a great creator to hand over control to him, and Bill has just turned 28, which gives him some extra Physical fitness (possibly) to share with Embiid.

Bill, please note that on offense, he can help the 76ers Embiid in many other ways. Embiid’s successful two-person run was at best a secondary offensive threat. Pay tribute to Seth Curry and JJ Redick, they are not close to Bill’s level, because they threatened to punish the corner at the handover or the end of the offensive defense. Bill’s lack of advanced organizing skills may be hidden in some of these appearances, and in an offense centered on Embiid, Philadelphia can use his off-the-ball shooting ability to focus on creating a relaxed appearance for him without Bill passing Multiple screen maneuvers and defenders save some energy for the use of star guards.

He can insist on saving more, because Bill has been an utterly bad defender for years. Bill has gotten worse because he has taken a heavier burden on offense, and you can prove that he will be closer to anchoring through an excellent defensive coach and Embiid’s elite guard. But his efforts in this area have always been a routine issue. If you want to build a legal competitor with him as the cornerstone, you must take this into consideration.

This fact, coupled with the aforementioned limitations of Bill as an organizer, made the Philadelphia team’s trade discussion somewhat complicated. In the two-team trade, we can say with certainty that Ben Simmons and the draft picks are where the discussion begins. But if more is needed, what else are you willing to admit? He may need to do some organizational offenses with him in the backcourt, which will make it difficult to separate from Tyrese Maxey. Defensive issues will increase the importance of Matisse Sebull to Philadelphia, and Philadelphia will definitely be forced by the Wizards to include him.

(In the end, Bill is good enough and clean enough that you can push some of these problems aside. But personally, I don’t think he “throws the kitchen sink at them” like Lillard.)

Looking at the scenery and how the Wizards usually operate, some of the discussions will depend on what they are after and what Bill wants. If Bill pushes to withdraw from the pre-draft, maybe the Wizards pursue a faster rebuilding and prefer the Warriors’ package, where they can offer multiple lottery picks in this year’s draft instead of anything else they are willing to offer. Perhaps Bill did not like Sam Cassell and the partnership with Embiid, so much that he refused the opportunity to push the deal to Miami, or work with his St. Louis friend Jason Tatum in Boston. Any number of factors may make the Philadelphia team look at this from the outside.

Then there is another big question-maybe Darryl Morey would rather wait for Lillard, or another possibility that hadn’t arisen when Bill was bought and shipped out. Bill is an explosive scorer, but he (probably) can’t solve the Philadelphia problem alone. In any case, you can easily justify taking action for him.If you can get a star now instead of waiting hope When buying one in the future, it is almost always prudent to do so with knowledge that you can change later.

The big question now is whether Bill really makes the wheel start to let us debate. Things won’t stand still until he starts walking towards the exit door. Prepare for a busy week.

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