On-site MLB trade deadline rumors: Philadelphians in the team are “active in the starting pitching market”

On-site MLB trade deadline rumors: Philadelphians in the team are “active in the starting pitching market”



This is the week before the Major League Baseball trade deadline. The Phillies are still fighting for the title of the National League Eastern Conference. It is expected that the club will increase assets in the old trading debate. Every mid-level team will experience this in a year. when.

In any other department, the Phillies may pack and consider selling some assets and try to end the playoff drought next season. But this is the NL East. The No. 1 Mets have only a few games with more than 0.500 games, and the Phillies are still within an astonishing distance. Before the deadline this Friday, this may cause things to become really interesting.

The team is already in contact with rescuers Like Craig Kimbrel, And the outfielder Byron Buxton and Starling Mars, Because the two areas they need most are still the bullpen and midfield. JAccording to reports, the Philadelphians sent some scouts to check the Cubs this weekend. And there may be more players available in these positions because they not only have obvious needs, but are also responsible for the traditionally aggressive front desk of Dave Dombrowski, president of baseball operations for the Phillies. People’s pursuit. In recent weeks, Dombrowski has been publicly stating that his team will seek supplements.

In addition to these position upgrades, the Phillies may also want to improve their starting rotation, although this is a bit less worrying because they have Zach Wheeler, Aaron Nora and Zach Eve. Lin these three are solid top three. Although this is nonsense after that, when the playoffs arrive, the starting rotation is usually shortened, which will put more emphasis on the bullpen and outfield, because these moves are all for winning the playoffs.

However, there are reports that the Phillies, who have reportedly participated in free agent Cole Hammers training, may want to take steps to improve their rotation. According to Major League Baseball insider Jon Morothy, this is the word.

Unfortunately, for Dombrowski, it seems that there are not many pitchers available before the deadline, and with so many teams looking to upgrade their rotations, the cost may be too high for a Phillies whose farm system is exhausted. .

As Scott Lauber recently wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the market lacks true differentiated makers in this position. Fortunately for the Phillies, this is not something they have to buy…

Unless the Nationals sell Max Scherzer, who was scratched on Saturday due to triceps soreness, or the twins give up trying to extend José Berríos, or the Reds switch from buyer to seller and let Luis Castillo play, the trade market lacks a distinctive starter . But in any case, the Phillies are buying more back-end rotations, at least as long as they still believe that Zach Evelyn (knee) will not miss another start or two. [inquirer.com]

If the Phillies are hardly “contenders” but continue to look for because of their weak division, if they want to take actions that can help them after the 2021 season, they can choose someone like Merrill Kelly of Arizona, he There is a contract until 2024, and has already established contact with the club.

But he is 32 years old and has only 23 MLB game experience. This season’s ERA is 4.39, which is significantly higher than last season’s 2.59 in five starts.

If they consider more short-term, they can always choose someone like Hamels, who may not be ready until the playoffs. In terms of prospects, he will not make them pay any price, so in this sense, this is a relatively low-risk move. But they must decide whether they think the 37-year-old Hammers will be different for them.

If they don’t want to get involved in a bidding war, they can always choose a cheaper option like Taylor Anderson, so that it won’t hurt them so much in terms of luxury taxes.

But this season’s ERA is 4.35-his best level since his rookie season in 2016-will the 31-year-old left-hander be an important enough upgrade to make a difference?

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At that time, this may depend on other initiatives (if any) taken by Dombrowski and Co. in the next few days. If/when they decide to take action, we will provide you with new real-time updated posts every day. Therefore, please lock it here before the trading deadline on Friday to get all the latest news and rumors about the Phillies and other members of the MLB…

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