Lakeside residents found old military explosives in the backyard

Lakeside residents found old military explosives in the backyard



On Sunday morning, a man by the lake found an old military explosive in his backyard and made a surprising discovery.

After residents cleared the weeds, potentially dangerous shells brought the sheriff’s bomb arson force to the home of Jennings Vista Circle.

The owner, Chad Arnold, said: “I did some defensive space clearance in the backyard and I found something that seemed to be a cannonball.”

Arnold said he had just bought a house recently and had just moved in. He said he was “surprised” to find the explosive in the backyard, not knowing how long it had been there.

“It must be old,” Arnold said. “It’s old and corroded.”

The sheriff’s bombs and arson forces dismantled the shells that they thought were 120mm shells.

Officials said that if someone finds a shell in their backyard, do not touch it, stay away from the area and call law enforcement.

The Lakeside discovery was the second time that shells were found in the area in less than a week.Wednesday, one The construction crew unearthed an old military shell A construction site near the Oceanside Transportation Center caused road closures and evacuation in the area.


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