How Katie Price spent £770,000 to change the body through 12 breast implants, £250,000 for teeth and BBL

How Katie Price spent £770,000 to change the body through 12 breast implants, £250,000 for teeth and BBL


We are used to seeing Katie Price’s changing face and body.

But even by the standards of a TV star, her overall facelift in Turkey last month-including plastic surgery, hip enlargement and liposuction-was extreme.


Katie Price (photo earlier this month) has changed her appearance over the years

So over the years, the 43-year-old Katie has changed her appearance-how much might she have paid for it?

Here, Tanith Carey discussed with the UK’s top cosmetic surgeons and experts how Katie’s very expensive cosmetic regimes add up-more than three quarters of a million pounds (although the star may pack some for free).


In 1998, Katie underwent her first breast augmentation surgery, which took her from 32B to 32D. She was only 19 years old at the time and had just become the focus of attention.

This turned out to be a slippery slope, and since then, her bust has more ups and downs than her love life.

Seeing the notoriety it gave her, in the next two years, Katie underwent two more operations, taking her to D-class and then F-class, even though she was only 5 feet 4 inches tall.

After giving birth to her first two children, Harvey and Junior in 2002 and 2005, respectively, she went to the United States the following year, promoted herself to G, and returned to the C Cup in 2008.

But this is just the beginning of another roller coaster.

Katie is naturally a 32B


Katie is naturally a 32BCredit: Rex
According to reports, she has 12 boob jobs


According to reports, she has 12 boob jobsCredit: Rex

In 2012, she returned to 32F. When these implants were infected, she was immersed in the B cup and kept without implants for a period of time.

But then in 2017, Katie reached her biggest so far and flew to a clinic in Brussels, where she reached 32GG

In her 9th operation in 2017, these implants were reduced from 1000 ml to 795 ml.

In March of this year, she confirmed that she has now performed the 12th operation in Belgium to correct a botched operation in Turkey.

Aesthetician, Dr. Ross Perry, Medical Director cosmeticSays that Katie has implanted various saline and silicone implants over the years, from round and tall to more natural teardrop shapes.

He warned that her surgery may not be over yet-because when the breast tissue hardens around the implant, she may help correct scar damage and cysts.

Dr. Perry added: “The number of implants she uses means they can’t get under the muscles, they have to go through-and the skin can only bear so much.

“In a few years, she may need to further reduce the size of the implant to reduce the pressure on the skin in these areas.

“Every time she undergoes any operation, the operation is always more difficult.”

Possible cost: £120,000


Surprisingly, Kate’s smile may be the most expensive.

Chelsea Dental Clinic (please include association)

This is because Katie installed a complete set of hats for £100,000 in 2007, which means that her teeth have been filed on nails so that a more perfect copy can be fixed on it.

Katie installed the veneer in 2007


Katie installed the veneer in 2007Image source: PA: Press Association
They were replaced in 2017


They were replaced in 2017

Dr. Escander said: “This is more destructive, and the teeth are much weaker once they are cut off.

“Thinner teeth may break on the gum line and need to be replaced.’You may also need implants to replace irreparable teeth.”

In fact, Katie admitted that some crowns broke while she was eating and needed to be replaced in 2017, ten years later, and then again in 2019.

Possible cost; £250,000


Katie has long been a fan of sunbeds and can change her skin from honey to dark ebony.

Ten years ago, she revealed that she trains three to four times a week, 15 or 20 minutes each time, and costs about £40 a week. She said: “My body is like leather.”

She also bought a sunbed for her home, which cost about £4,000, but in April this year, she still went to the sunbath three times in just a week after the salon was reopened after the lockdown.

Katie used to spend £40 a week on sunbeds


Katie used to spend £40 a week on sunbedsCredit: WireImage-Getty

Katie also sprays her own tan and has been using Crazy Angel products since 2012-the starter kit costs about £250.

In order to complete her styling, Katie also used more than 20 years of hair extensions, costing 12,000 pounds a year.

Possible cost: £300,000


Katie admits that she has been obsessed with Botox since she was 27 years old, about 400 pounds each time.

In 2015, she said: “I inject Botox every four months, and nothing more. I have an injection on both sides of my eyes-3 injections on each side. Anyway, I don’t really have wrinkles, so I might You don’t even need it.

“Botox is no big deal to me: it’s like going shopping.”

As she got older, Katie also began to use fillers more.

She allegedly spent £400 each time


She allegedly spent £400 each timeCredit: Sun

Aesthetician Dr. Rose Perry said: “In the mid-2000s, it seemed that there were a lot of fillers on her cheeks, which changed her face shape slightly because her eye area began to narrow slightly.

“But filling the cheeks is just to restore what is lost due to natural aging, not to change the shape of the face.”

Possible cost: £30,000

Plastic surgery

Katie was not even 40 years old when she used Botox and fillers to face plastic surgery.

About four years ago, when she was 39 years old, she performed a contour facial lift-inserting invisible lines on both sides of the face, and then pulling up to lift the sagging cheeks and chin.

The next spring, she saw her at her favorite beauty clinic in Brussels, and she said that her job had been corrected.

Katie got a facelift four years ago


Katie got a facelift four years agoCredit: Instagram

But it did not stop there. In September 2019, Katie went to Turkey for a full face lift and also performed a bottom lift.

She came back last month (June), so her face can be lifted up again to make her look like the upward-slanted “fox eyes” she likes.

However, as she said recently, she can receive treatment for free-and while adjusting her hips-she may be spared part of the full £30,000 of normal cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Rose Perry said: “The problem is that Katie is only 43 years old and a very attractive woman. So it really makes me think that if she does nothing to her face, she still looks good.

“Now that the surgery will have a negative effect on her appearance, I think we have reached it now. This is a somewhat sad scene.”

Possible cost: £35,000


Not satisfied with waxing, threading or plucking hair, Katie started getting eyebrow tattoos in 2012. founder, skin care expert and therapist Nicola Russell (please stay) said: “By 2012, it looks like her eyebrows have been tattooed, although they are in great shape and kept in her natural eyebrows. Within the scope of your shape, people often regret having such thick black eyebrows, because as you age, they will make you look older.”

In 2016, she replaced fine ink strokes with heavier-looking block shapes, which Nikolay said would look older on a face without makeup.

Possible cost; £1,600


Although her lip size was good at first, Katie’s lip size has fluctuated up and down over the years.

Amish Patel, founder of Intrigue Cosmetic Clinics, believes that Katie started filling them in around 2001.

“At that time, Katie changed her natural lip shape, lost the natural Cupid bow, and replaced it with a bigger pout.”

Filler means that Katie’s Cupid’s bow is now less clear


Filler means that Katie’s Cupid’s bow is now less clearImage source: PA: Press Association

By 2004, Amish said that after the filling had dissolved, her lip line had become thinner again.

But in 2011 and 2016, she regained fuller lips. In 2017, she also got a lip liner, giving people the illusion of fuller pouts.

Since then, Katie continued to inject regularly, making her angry mother Amy notice that she looked like a “Duffy Duck” last year.

Recently in Turkey, Katie also used surgery to raise the lip line to make you look younger.

This is a permanent operation that increases the amount of pink tissue visible on the upper lip and makes the lips look fuller.

It also increases the display volume of the upper middle teeth.

Dr. Ross Perry said: “In order to maintain the level where she may receive lip treatment every four to six months, it may be before the last batch of filler dissolves.

“So I think that’s why her upper lip shape keeps growing to the point where it stands out when viewed from the side. It creates more duck effect.”

Possible cost: £15,000


This is a procedure that is sufficient for Katie

She underwent rhinoplasty in 2007 and spent about £6,000 in a clinic in Los Angeles at the same time as her fourth breast augmentation.

Dr. Rosperry said: “Basically, it’s a bit narrower on the bridge, and the tip is basically smaller.”

But it didn’t make a difference. Katie stopped there and said, “I like my nose before and now.”

Possible cost: £6,000


Just like her lips, Kate’s hips have also enlarged.

Katie is no stranger to lipo


Katie is no stranger to lipoImage source: PA: Press Association
Katie also spent thousands of dollars to perfect her ass


Katie also spent thousands of dollars to perfect her assCredit: BackGrid

Not only did she have surgery to increase her hips and cheeks, but she also reduced them when she thought they made her look “fat”.

As Katie declared, she doesn’t like the gym, she often combines breast augmentation with liposuction.

Katie used fat from other parts of the body for the first time in 2017 and 2019 to lift her hips.

This type of surgery usually costs about £5,000 in cheaper Turkish clinics, although Katie may get some treatment for free in exchange for publicity

Dr. Rosperry said that multiple bottom lifts and liposuction are risky.

“Liposuction and injecting fat into the buttocks are not a lifestyle choice, nor an alternative to not going to the gym because of the risk of infection.”

Possible cost: £20,000

Total: 777,600 GBP

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Katie Price observes her new face up close without a filter after the operation, which makes her worry that she will die

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