One day after President Said cancelled the government and legislature after the nationwide protests, clashes occurred over a parliament blocked by the army.

  • One day after President Case Said, there was a street clash outside the Parliament blocked by the army Remove the prime minister and suspend parliament
  • The move follows nationwide protests against economic problems and the government’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis.
  • On Monday, the army prevented Rached Ghannouchi, Speaker of the Parliament and Baath Party leader, from entering the building.

The following are the latest updates:

Tunisian police raided Al Jazeera office

The Tunisian police raided Al Jazeera’s branch in the capital Tunisia and expelled all staff.

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Pause “inactive”

Tunisia’s Ennahdha party stated that it believes that the parliament will continue to meet and condemn President Said’s decision as “invalid”.

Army deployment

Some of them said that the Tunisian army had deployed to the government palace in the Tunisian castle and prevented government workers from entering the building.

Security forces take security measures around the Tunisian parliament building in Tunisia [Nacer Talel/Anadolu]

Tunisian President appoints allies to oversee the Ministry of Interior

According to two security sources, Tunisian President Said appointed Khaled Yahyaoui, the director-general of the President’s security service, to oversee the Ministry of the Interior after the dissolution of the government.


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