A 47-year-old midwife was traumatized by yobs throwing eggs, flour and water while driving

A 47-year-old midwife was traumatized by yobs throwing eggs, flour and water while driving



A midwife was traumatized by a group of yobs throwing eggs, flour and water while she was driving.

At the time of the incident, Laney Holland was at work, visiting vulnerable expectant mothers in Coventry, West Midlands during the pandemic.


Frontline workers were hit by eggs and flourCredit: Triangle News
When the accident happened, the roof of her soft-top Mercedes had been lowered


When the accident happened, the roof of her soft-top Mercedes had been loweredCredit: Triangle News

Due to the heat wave last week, NHS staff have been driving her silver Mercedes-Benz C-Class with the soft-top roof down.

Lenny, 47, was subsequently bombed by three messy missiles, and she and her car were covered.

After the shocking attack, she called the police, who then launched an investigation and tried to track down the young people.

Frontline staff Lenny has been carrying out important work in the community, and is heading to her last appointment on the day she was attacked by the mob.

Lenny of Northampton said: “I have entered some very fragile and dangerous areas, but I never worry because I have a relationship with my patients and respect each other.

“I can see a fire hydrant is broken and water is flowing everywhere.

“It was really hot that day, I was trapped in the clinic all morning, so I put down the windows and the roof of the convertible car-you can clearly see my uniform.”

She explained that when she approached the large puddle of the spouting fire hydrant, she slowed down to avoid splashing on passers-by.

out of control

Lenny added: “When I slowed down, a large group of children and adults rushed towards me.

“The first person threw an egg at me, and it hit my eye directly. I wear contact lenses and it’s really hard to see things clearly.”

The midwife explained how she slowed down when one of her eyes lost visibility, when the mob started throwing flour and water on her.

A bag of flour hit her head, she turned sharply and hit the side of the road in her car.

She admitted that she was panicked, and then told the group: “I said,’Guys, I’m in a uniform and I have electronic devices in the front seat’, but one of them just said,’What then?’ They all cheered and continued. throw things.

“My car was completely destroyed. It must have only lasted about four minutes, but God, it feels like forever.”

Lenny tried desperately to erect the roof and windows, but these idiots continued to throw jars and bottles full of water into the car.

It shook the liquid on the dial and buttons, even inside the mechanism that raised the roof.

“Ten months ago they applauded for us, now they are throwing things at us?

Lenny Holland

Lenny said that this group of people ranged in age from around 9 years old to a few adult adults, and a few adult women seemed to be completely out of control.

She said she didn’t even realize how serious the situation was until she managed to drive away and stood in front of the patient’s house.

She explained: “I was in a self-driving state at the time. It was not until I stood up that I realized that my uniform was completely soaked, soaked with eggs, and wrapped in flour.”

When she arrived, her patient was not actually there-although her husband did invite her in to clean up, she politely refused.

Lenny drove to the local gas station, where she washed the car, a kind worker sympathized with her and asked her to wash the eggs from her hair, while a colleague put down his spare uniform.

Lenny also said that after posting the incident on Facebook, she was overwhelmed by the support of friends and strangers.

She received a large number of offers from local companies who said they would provide free valet parking for her car to see if there is any lasting damage.

out of hand

Lenny hinted that the attack might be because of her car, or because she turned around and asked them to stop.

But she insisted that she drives through the area every week and has never encountered any problems.

She added: “I think this may be a prank that is completely out of control.

“I know this is not a personal attack on me, because some of the cars I washed in front of me have obviously experienced it.

“I think this is just a very strange problem, very out of control. There are many signs of abuse of frontline workers in the hospital, but not in the community.

“Ten months ago they applauded for us, now they are throwing things at us?

“I definitely don’t think this is a personal problem, but next time I go there, I think I will take my husband’s car.”

A West Midlands police spokesperson said: “We received a call saying that an attack occurred on a road in Coventry at around 3pm on Wednesday (July 21).

“It is understood that a woman in her 40s was hit by a group of young people with eggs in the car.

“We have made an appointment to talk to this lady for more information.”

Others have also become targets of the yobs gang


Others have also become targets of the yobs gangCredit: Triangle News
Lenny says she will drive her husband's car next time she comes to the area


Lenny said she would drive her husband’s car next time she came to the areaCredit: Triangle News


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