Why you still can’t cross the US land border; Oil and Gas Transformation Plan: CBC’s Marketplace Cheat Sheet

Why you still can’t cross the US land border; Oil and Gas Transformation Plan: CBC’s Marketplace Cheat Sheet


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Travel to the United States?The rules are still changing

This week, American tourists eager to visit Canada received welcome news when the federal government announced that it would reopen to vaccinated American citizens on August 9.

However, there is still no date when Canadians can cross the land border and enter the United States, which makes some potential travelers express their frustration.

“I waited very patiently. We all waited very patiently for this border to open,” said Leslie Bettel of Lethbridge, Alta. She owns a second home in Columbia Falls, about 290 kilometers away, but because the US land border is closed, she cannot drive there.

“It’s great to be able to enter our place for free,” she said. read more

After news that the United States extended the closure of its land borders with Mexico and Canada until August 21, Juan Jose Gomez-Camacho, Mexico’s ambassador to Canada, told Power and Politics that he believed that the United States was It is logical that the northern and southern borders are treated equally. 7:28

Ottawa says oil and gas workers “will not lag behind” in the future of clean energy

The federal government is launching a long-awaited process to develop a plan to support oil and gas workers because economies around the world are moving away from fossil fuels.

“They will not be left behind,” Natural Resources Minister Simos Oregan said at a news conference. “Workers will be the center of a clean energy future.”

Earlier this week, the minister initiated a consultation process for nearly three months.

Workers, labor groups, and industry stakeholders can submit their feedback on proposed federal legislation that will provide support for workers leaving the industry, such as job training.

But according to Jim Stanford, an economist at the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, this is still just a “small step.”

“Given the upcoming elections, this is more to make the government look like it is doing something,” he said.

He estimated that in the next 25 years, many jobs in the oil region will disappear, and the government will need to spend at least $1 billion a year to support the retraining and relocation of workers. read more

At the Albian Sands oil sands mine near Fort McMurray in Alta, a fully loaded trailer drove away from the mining shovel. (Jeff Mackintosh/Canada Press)

Beware!These Neutrogena spray sunscreens have been recalled

Before you head to the beach this weekend, you may want to double-check your sunscreen.

Health Canada said in an advisory report that Johnson & Johnson is recalling several Neutrogena spray sunscreens after an “elevated benzene content” was detected in the test.

Health Canada stated that long-term and frequent exposure to high levels of benzene can bring health risks. This contact can occur through inhalation or skin absorption. read more

A close-up image of a sample of Neutrogena Beach Defense Children’s SPF 60 spray-a sunscreen product that Johnson & Johnson is recalling. After detecting elevated benzene levels, the company also recalled Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunscreen products for children and adults. (healthycanadians.gc.ca)

Is there anything else?

Canadian building codes don’t focus on tornadoes-even though we see the second most in the world
Experts say that hurricane belts can save lives, but according to the Canadian National Building Code, they are not mandatory.

WestJet withdraws from negotiations with the government on pandemic assistance
The airline said it remains open to the resumption of negotiations in the future.

The old car owner fell to the ground after removing parts in the garage and refused to return his beloved car
Customers of professional auto body and machinery shops said their vehicles had been destroyed.

Due to possible Listeria contamination, this Burrata cheese has been recalled
If you have La Bella Contadina Burrata Nadi con latte di bufala (cheese) in your home, please throw it away or return it to the shop where you bought it.

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