San Diego (CNS)-San Diego County officials said that a week after the opening, the coastline near the border was closed again on Sunday due to sewage pollution.

Officials said on Sunday that the closure affected all coastlines in Tijuanaslaw National Wildlife Refuge and Border Wilderness State Park.

According to the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and Quality, the seawater samples exceeded state health standards.

The closure includes all beaches from the international border to the southern end of Coastal Avenue. The closed sign will remain until the seawater sampling results meet the state’s health standards for recreational use.

Just last Saturday, officials lifted the water contactor off the water contactor after testing showed that the seawater was safe for entertainment. On June 24, a notice of the closure of water contact was issued.

The Tijuana River enters San Diego County from Mexico, flows through the southernmost point of the county, and then flows into the Pacific Ocean.

According to a June statement from the health agency, polluted runoff from rivers in Mexico may be moving north along the San Diego County coastline.

The beaches in southern San Diego County are closed all year round.

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