“The competition between brothers and sisters” helped the sisters reach the top of the Prince Edward Island tennis rankings

“The competition between brothers and sisters” helped the sisters reach the top of the Prince Edward Island tennis rankings



They should just hit the ball back to each other. Continue the assembly. After all, this is an exercise, not a competition.

But when you are the best tennis players among your peers in PEI, you train together almost every day, and you happen to be sisters, there will definitely be some competition between siblings.

When 14-year-old Maggie Chong played with her 11-year-old sister Tiffany, their competitive instincts were overwhelming.

“I am a competitive person,” Tiffany said. “I always try to win this.”

However, this can sometimes be a challenge for coaches.

“When they play against each other, there will definitely be some competition between siblings,” said Brian Hall, executive director of Tennis PEI, who first saw the potential of girls when she moved to the island from Vancouver in 2014.

“A lot of tennis training is done under mutual pull. It’s a challenge because they try to surpass each other, so the rally won’t last long. They’re past now, but it’s a challenge.”

If any of them continue, I think they will go far.— Brian Hall, Tennis PEI

This determination is one of the reasons why they rank first in the province-Maggie is in the under 14 and under 16 women’s group, and Tiffany is in the under 12 group.

Maggie is also the highest ranked female player under 14 in Atlantic Canada. Tiffany (Tiffany) is second in U-12.

Tiffany Chong looked at her sister Maggie during a recent tennis match in Charlottetown. (Shane Rose/CBC)

“It’s fun to work with them. They are good athletes. They are fast and have great determination on the court,” Hall said. “If any of them keep going, I think they will go very far.”

The girl’s parents, Jacky Chong and Rita Wang, are from Taiwan. Maggie, Tiffany and their 17-year-old sister Ella were born in Vancouver. After moving to PEI, they went to Hong Kong for a few years.

Both Maggie and Tiffany attended Englewood School in Crabo. Maggie is about to enter the 9th grade; Tiffany is about to enter the 7th grade.

A lot of time in court

In summer, they spend most of their time on the tennis court.

On Monday and Wednesday, they play indoors, do some physical training, and then go out to play for a few hours. On Tuesday and Thursday, they performed in Stratford and Charlottetown.

The weekend is reserved for the competition. They always cheer for each other.

“I hope she gets better,” Maggie said of Tiffany. “I want to help her improve.”

PEI Atlantic Championship

The next major event is the Atlantic Youth Championship, which will be held in Charlottetown from August 18th to 22nd.

If they rank in the top three in the age group, they will be eligible to participate in the Canadian Championship in September.

Maggie is a big fan of Serena Williams and the 2019 U.S. Open champion Bianca Andrescu, and she said her goal is to one day participate in the Olympics.

At the same time, Tiffany set his sights on her big sister.

“I know she will obviously win,” Tiffany said. “But I will still want to play against her. I hope I can beat her one day.”

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