The 53-man roster forecast for the Eagles training camp

The 53-man roster forecast for the Eagles training camp


Since the Philadelphia Eagles players plan to report to training camp on Tuesday, in order to show which players have work to do and which players want to keep their positions, it makes sense to predict the final 53-man roster?

Yes? Do not? Anyway, let us do this.

Quarterback (2): Jalen Hertz, Joe Flacco

Cut (1): Nick Mullens

The injury will begin. Although I believe that Nick Mullens is as good as Flacco, Flacco has a $3.5 million fully guaranteed contract, so he will be a substitute unless an absolutely cruel camp.

Since Mullens has been looking for work until June, the Eagles may safely hide him in the training team for a rainy day.

Running backs (5): Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Kenny Gaineville, Kryon Johnson, Jason Huntley

Layoffs (3): Jordan Howard, Adrian Killings, Ilya Holyfield

Running back is one of the deeper positions for the Hawks, so they may wish to maintain a surplus. In my opinion, Johnson is a more effective pass protector than Howard, and even a short-yard runner. As long as he is healthy (which is still a problem), he can beat Howard to get a substitute. I also like Huntley’s chance to persevere because of his speed.

Wide receiver (6): Devonta Smith, Jalen Rigg, Travis Fulgam, Greg Ward, Quez Watkins, JJ Alcega-Whiteside

Layoffs (3): John Hightower, Jamon Osborne, Michael Walker

The age of the six receivers we advanced? 22, 22, 25, 26, 23, and 24. Some people think that the Eagles should add a veteran receiver to the group. If this is a season where the Eagles are considered a Super Bowl contender, I would agree. Since they are not, go young!

I believe Howie Rothman will have hope, Alcega Whiteside can start to play under the leadership of the new offensive team, so he will get the last shot in the real game this season. My chances of Hightower getting a second chance are not high.

Tight end (3): Dallas Goldt, Richard Rogers, Jack Stoll

Cut (4): Caleb Wilson, Jason Krum, Hakim Butler, Terry Jackson

Transaction (1): Zach Ertz

Ertz’s situation still needs to be resolved, but I still haven’t said that he will return to the team this season. DickRod is back for another season, choosing between Stoll, Wilson, Croom, Butler and Jackson who will become the third close end.

We choose Stoll for the time being, lack of confidence, based solely on the fact that he won the highest margin and the most generous signing bonus among the team’s undrafted free agents.

Offensive line (9): Jordan Myrata, Isaac Sumaro, Jason Kells, Brandon Brooks, Ryan Johnson, Landon Dixon, Andre Dillard , Jack Driscoll, Nate Herbig

Editing (8): Sua Opeta, Matt Pryor, Brett Toth, Luke Juriga, Kayode Awosika, Casey Tucker, Ross Pierschbach, Harry Creed

PUP (1): Le’Raven Clark

The Eagles have a chance to trade Dillard, but I won’t hold your breath. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles had 10 wingers. In this case, I would let Opeta replace Pryor as the team.

The offensive line is a rare position for the Eagles to have a deep excess, so please look for Rothman to try to trade a substitute winger for the draft or other players.

Defensive line (9): Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Javin Hargrave, Derek Barnett, Josh Sweet, Ryan Kerrigan, Mill Dun Williams, Marlon Tuplotu, Taron Jackson

Editing (7): Hasen Ridgeway, TY McGill, Joe Osman, Raquen Williams, Willie Henry, Matt Leo, Jaquin Bailey

The first seven people above are locked, and Tupelotu, Ridgway and Jackson will compete for roster and playing time. Here, we have two of these three people persist, and Ridgeway falls into the practice class.

Linebackers (6): Eric Wilson, Alex Singleton, TJ Edwards, Sean Bradley, Jackie Stevens, David Taylor

Layoffs (3): Gernard Avery, Patrick Johnson, Rashard Smith

Taylor and Bradley will have the opportunity to prove once again that they can play in this league after the offseason that was troubled by the new crown virus last year. We will keep light on the security aspects below, which will help someone like Stevens, who may play a mixed role. If the Eagles intend to train Patrick Johnson into a traditional off-the-ball linebacker, they may keep him in the training team while he learns a new role.

Then there is Genard Avery, he will switch from DE to LB, which will be more suitable for his skill set. He will have the Hawks to waste the fourth round pick to gain his “advantage” at the 2019 trade deadline. If any LB or DE is injured, I will make him the next person.

Cornerbacks (6): Darius Slay, Craig James, Evant Maddox, Zeke McPherson, Michael Jacques, Josiah Scott

Cut (4): Shaquille Taylor, Kevin Seymour, Lavit Hill, Nate Meadows

The Hawks still haven’t added a clear starting outside corner across from Slay. Maybe they just stick to what they have? If so, I don’t think this is the worst result for the rebuilding team, but in the short term, there will be some matches that will be burned on the back end, which will be difficult to watch.

Security (4): Anthony Harris, Rodney McLeod, Kevin Wallace, Marcus Epps

Layoffs (3): Andrew Adams, Grayland Arnold, Ilya Riley

McLeod may start training camp on the PUP roster-and the subsequent regular season-in this case, he will not be included in the initial roster and can be used as a reinforcement later in the season. I bet he is in the original 53 position. As long as he is ready, he will start opposite Harris, while Wallace, Epps and Adams will compete for the third security role.

Experts (3): Jake Elliott, Arryn Siposs, Rick Lovato

None of the Hawks experts currently object.

podcast: We discussed each position group of the Eagles in more depth in the following podcast format (BGN Radio episode 193):

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