San Diego lifeguard proposes to girlfriend while surfing on Pacific Beach

San Diego-A San Diego lifeguard gave his current fiancee an unforgettable surprise in a marriage proposal on Pacific Beach.

Meagan Sharp, 29, said it all started when she and her 34-year-old boyfriend Alex Newsome went surfing on the beaches of the North Pacific on Tuesday.

“When we were out, I saw a jet ski near the pier, and Alex told me to paddle outside,” she said.

As they approached Crystal Pier, Sharp said that the motorboat began to approach them and realized that the person on board was their lifeguard friend, Josh.

“We all talked for a minute,” she said. “Then Alex jumped on the motorboat and Josh handed him the ring. He knelt on one knee, of course I agreed.”

Sharp said that after the proposal, they all had to gather on the beach.

“The poor bystander thought I was rescued,” she said. “We are all very excited about the whole thing and can’t wait to share this moment with friends and family. It’s all very surreal.”

Sharp also thanked everyone who participated in the project.

“The other lifeguards are very helpful and supportive, which requires a lot of planning and approval,” she said.

According to Sharp, the ring used in the proposal is that of Newsom’s great-grandmother in the 1920s.

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