Poway resident Kelsey Plumm leads the U.S. team to their third victory in the women’s 3×3 basketball game at the Olympic Games

Poway resident Kelsey Plumm leads the U.S. team to their third victory in the women’s 3×3 basketball game at the Olympic Games



Poway (CNS)-Poway resident Kelsey Plum (Kelsey Plum) scored 7 goals and scored a game-high 12 points, as the U.S. Olympic women’s 3X3 basketball team scored 22 in a pool game on Sunday. -11 beat Romania. Tokyo.

The Americans have never fallen behind, and only tied twice, 3-3 and 4-4. Plum scored a 2-pointer and started 1 minute and 42 seconds with a score of 6-1. The United States became a 13-7 advantage with a 7-6 lead.

With 2:39 remaining in the game, the club ended the game with a 2-pointer. In the first three games of the Women’s 3X3 Basketball Championship at the Olympic Games, she scored all 11 1-pointers.

The game is played at half time with a 12-second shooting time. In-arc baskets and free throws score one point, and out-of-arc baskets score two points.

The winner is the first team to score 21 points or the team leading by the end of the 10-minute game clock.

Later on Sunday, also at the Qinghai City Sports Park, Meihua scored 5 points in a 20-16 victory over the previously undefeated Russian Olympic Committee, raising the score to 4-0.

The US team trailed by three points five times, with 2:55 remaining in the final 14-11 game, and then defeated the Russian team 9-2 in the final 2:47 minutes, Stephanie Dolson and Alisa Gray Each scored three points and the club had two points.

Gray leads the United States with eight, and Yulia Kozik leads the Russian with eight.

Plum said that American players expect the Russians to “play super physical fitness and have a high foul rate, but I think we have survived most of the time.”

“They are a very good team, as you can see, they have been playing together,” Plum said. “They did a lot of very good reading. So, I am proud of the way we fight. When we got off the court early, we could have been conceited, but we didn’t, we won.”

All Russian athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics are competing for the Russian Olympic Committee. A ruling by the Sports Arbitration Tribunal last year banned the use of the Russian flag, national anthem and team name as punishment for widespread doping programs and cover-ups.

The billiards portion of the tournament includes a game against each of the other seven teams. The two teams with the best records will advance to the semifinals, while the third to sixth teams will advance to the quarterfinals.

The United States will resume the billiards game on Monday, facing Italy at 1:55 in the morning, and facing China and Italy at 5 in the morning. The game will be played at stream.nbcolympics.com/basketball-3×3-mens-womens-prelims-session-11 and At stream.nbcolympics.com/basketball-3×3-mens-womens-prelims-session-12.

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