More than 250 wildfires in BC continue to burn, staff plan to deal with severe weather

The British Columbia Wildfire Bureau stated that there are currently more than 250 wildfires burning across the province, and hundreds of firefighters continue to traverse challenging terrain in hot and dry conditions.

The agency said that this number has fallen compared to last week, when there were 300 fires.

On Saturday afternoon, Secretary of Public Safety Mike Farnworth (Mike Farnworth) greeted 101 firefighters from Mexico, who will help with British Columbia staff over the next 30 days.

Watch | Mexican firefighters help fight wildfires in British Columbia:

On Saturday, the British Columbia government welcomed 101 firefighters from Mexico to help extinguish hundreds of wildfires that raged in the province. 2:20

As the fire continues to approach homes and communities, thousands of residents have been placed under evacuation orders and warnings. There are currently 58 evacuation orders in place, affecting approximately 4,400 properties, and nearly 17,500 properties are in evacuation alert status, which means that residents have been told to leave at any time.

Although the number of active wildfires has declined, Farnworth said the weather forecast is challenging.
The foreseeable future.

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