Love Island returns tonight because two islanders were cruelly abandoned before the return of the iconic Casa Amor

Love Island returns tonight because two islanders were cruelly abandoned before the return of the iconic Casa Amor


After yesterday’s typical Saturday night “Unseen Bits”, fans of Love Island will be open as usual tonight, with a brand new episode-it will definitely be explosive.

Before the epic return of Casa Amor, two islanders will be abandoned from the villa, which will surely test all the stars.

On Friday night, the audience was invited to vote for their favorite couple-except for Katz and Taylor, as well as Abigail and Toby.

Whoever ranks last in the public vote will face the risk of being deported from the island-but they may be grateful when they realize that Casa Amor is coming.

Sexy handsome men and women will do their best to keep the actors away-fans are especially worried about freedom and Jack after they became boy and girl friends earlier this week.

But this may be a welcome reorganization for people like Chloe and Hugo, who have become friendship couples after failing to find true love.

No matter what happens, it must be explosive…

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  • end

    After Toby abandoned her for the new girl Abby, fans really felt sorry for Chloe.

    Uh, not…

    They did not forget that Chloe did the same thing to Katz when Katz and Toby were together.

  • When will Love Island air?

    All dramas will be broadcast on ITV2 at 9 o’clock tonight.

    Please note: this will be a crazy game.

    Love home is back! ! !

    Can’t handle it.

  • Survival of the fittest

    Literally. Since these new contestants are F-YINE, whether the existing couple can survive the Casa Amor will be a real test.


  • Winner winner

    Fans have called it a long time ago.

    They hope that Millie and Liam will become the champions of Love Island and will go ahead at sunset with a 50k prize.

    but. This is a big one though. They must survive the Casa Amor first…

  • War zone

    Fans discovered that one of the new Casa Amor contestants was after Liam.

    They are not funny.

  • TOB-NO

    Fans are still eating exclusively at Hugo vs Toby.

    Will they become “family” again?

    You decide…

  • what…

    After Hugo criticized Toby in his speech to save Chloe, Toby can be heard simmering “what the hell is this?”

    Jack had to persuade him to avoid a dispute with Hugo, who was standing awkwardly on the edge of the crowd.

    The audience was surprised after telling Toby that the teacher who abandoned Katz for Chloe was Hugo in the second week.

    Some people don’t understand why he is so upset with Chloe, because he hardly blinks at how Kaz feels.

    An audience member said in a funny tweet: “I just want to know, when Cholrine and Toenail do this to Queen Katz, where is the energy of Hugo?”

  • What did Hugo say

    After Hugo and Toby saved Chloe from being hacked, the villa was still shaky because of the hug between Hugo and Toby.

    Hugo Pie Georgia City Go home and reveal that he is saving his friend-tell the villa: “I want to bond with this girl because not only
    Is she “bootiful” out of this world?She is super smart, she is
    It’s fun, and whenever I am with her, I am definitely the happiest.

    “If I’m completely honest, she shouldn’t have been treated for the past 24 hours.”

    He satirized Toby and added: “And I firmly believe that many of these tests are completely nonsense. You deserve someone who is honest and communicates with you and knows what will happen.

    “Something strange happened. So the girl I want to combine with is…Chloe.”

  • So where are we?

    Love Island was extended in the episode last Friday because the secret consequences of Hugo, Chloe and Toby erupted after shocking re-coupling.

    When Hugo swept across savagely, a big quarrel broke out between the three. Toby saves Chloe From being dumped.

    After the semi-professional football player shocked the audience by choosing to pair with a new girl, the physical education teacher blasted Toby in his remarriage speech. help instead.

  • mercy!

    This handsome guy is here tonight, only fireworks can be set off in the villa.

    Welcome to Medhy Malanda, he is about to break the hearts of some people.

  • Katz-Amor

    Well, this is why the new villa should be renamed, because most of the new lads are pursuing our Queen of Katz!

    How could this be? After she just found her dream girl in the new boy Taylor.

    Now with these hot newcomers, in Jason Derulo’s words, wondering if Kaz will “break, break, break, break his heart?” Ha!

  • Love home

    The opponent’s villa is open tonight, and fans of Love Island can’t be happy anymore.

    I mean, after all, the drama we broke up with Chloe and Toby, and of course Hugo Gate-when he lashed out at Toby in a speech, he was with Chloe himself, Casa Amo It is precisely the tonic tension we need to spread.


  • Hissing

    With the return of Casa Amor, fans are excited about the six new hot girls who will enter Love Island tonight, and they have left messages on Twitter.

    They are all 10 out of 10, and their heads turn.

  • Oh, Hello!

    This is the news we have been waiting for. Six new contestants enter PEI tonight-with the return of Casa Amor.

    We can get a wow!

    Well, it’s time.

    And fans can’t wait.

  • Getting hot, getting hot, getting hot

    Love Island is back tonight-boy! What a wonderful show they performed for you tonight.

    It’s going out!

  • What time is love island tonight?

    The next episode will be played on ITV2’s screen at 9 o’clock tonight.

    Please stay tuned to our blog to get all the latest gossip, because we will update you everything that is happening!

  • Fans of LOVE Island joked that they had filed a missing person report for host Laura Whitmore, because she missed the dumping incident for the eighth time in a row last night.

    Since the night of the launch, the 36-year-old host has never appeared in the Mallorca villa again, where she stood when the islanders first combined.

    Read the full text here.

  • Matthew McNabb

    This 6-foot-6 marketing consultant, 26 years old, is not afraid to get what he wants in the villa.

    He admitted: “I won’t have a big problem.

    “Boys haven’t known girls for long, so this is not a big problem. I’m sure if they have problems, they will come to me.”

    Credit: ITV
  • Salmanalan

    The 20-year-old Irish model is keen to find love in the villa after admitting that he has never been in a relationship.

    She said: “This is the perfect atmosphere, you have no outside interference.

    “It seems that time flies quickly there in a good way—like, do you really like me or don’t like me? In the real world, it is so illusory. With this, it’s just that you need knowledge.”

    Credit: ITV
  • Harry Young

    Similar to Medhy, the 24-year-old car salesperson is very interested in Kaz Kamwi.

    He admitted: “She has always been in my top three. But once I’m there and talking to people, it may change.”

    Speaking of being sad in another villa, he said: “This is part of getting in there.

    “People may bond together, so if you want to get what you want, or if you have a connection with someone, you will have to step on your toes or put up a few feathers.”

    Credit: ITV

  • Keira Troy

    The 28-year-old international DJ didn’t really pay too much.

    However, she did admit: “I think my party skills are a kind of DJ and party life. I created parties.”

    Credit: ITV
  • Medimaranda

    The 24-year-old American football player from Luton set his sights on fashion blogger Kaz Kamwi.

    Asked about his number one goal in the villa, he replied hesitantly: “Of course it is Katz. Katz has a very hot character, she is energetic, she is very funny, she has a beautiful smile, and in general, she is a Very good girl.”

    Liam might still have to pay attention to him, because he also said: “Milli looks like a nice girl, obviously she is also very beautiful.”

    Credit: ITV
  • Mary Bedford

    22-year-old model Mary is about to try to steal Millie Court man Liam Reardon.

    Stunner said: “Liam is beautiful. He was 6 feet 6 inches from the beginning. He looked old-fashioned, like a gentleman. And he was basically the same age as mine.”

    She continued: “I just want to go in and see how Liam really feels about Millie, and then reassess.

    “I am definitely not the one who spreads it thickly. I just flirt and see how it goes. That’s the whole goal, isn’t it? If I go in and I really like Liam, I will have to step on it. Millie’s toes.”

    Credit: ITV

  • LOVE Island’s Casa Amor is loved by the audience-but any islander thinks that their partner’s head is about to turn.

    We can now reveal six stunners who will flood into the villa and may disrupt these relationships.

    Boys and girls suddenly separated Go to the luxurious Casa Amor -This means a love house in Spanish-hope they will get lost.

    But will these good-looking new islanders make them dizzy? Let the story begin…

  • Things around are back again

    Hugo Hammond of Love Island is brutalized by former islander Sharon Gavka after the reunion drama.

    The civil servant claimed that he “fantasies” Chloe Burrows From the first day on, and slammed him as an “accomplice” Toby abandoned Katz.

    Read the full text here.

    Sharon of Love Island criticized Hugo for being an “accomplice” in the split between Toby and Kaz because he claimed that he liked Chloe

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