Kidnappers release 28 other kidnapped children in Nigeria | Nigeria News

The attackers attacked Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna State on July 5 and kidnapped 121 students from their dormitories.

A school official said that the gunman who captured 121 students at a high school in northwest Nigeria in early July released another 28 teenagers.

The attackers attacked Bethel Baptist High School in northwestern Kaduna State on July 5, kidnapping students sleeping in the dormitory.

The kidnapping is the latest kidnapping initiated by a heavily armed group (called bandits by the locals). They have long been robbing, stealing cattle and kidnapping for ransom in northwestern and central Nigeria, but they have recently targeted schools and universities.

Joseph Hayab, a senior official at Bethel Baptist High School, told AFP on Sunday that 28 students had been released and reunited with their parents.

“The robbers released them yesterday (Saturday) and we were able to send a church bus to pick them up where they were kidnapped,” he said.

When contacted by AFP, Kaduna State Police did not immediately comment. Hayab said that 34 children have now been released, while 87 children are still in custody.

“On July 21, five children escaped, but the police only found two. The other three went to the school by themselves,” he said.

“When they were sent to collect wood and cook, they escaped from the bandits.

“The bandits released a student for health reasons two weeks ago.”

After the kidnapping incident, the gang demanded food and ransom from the school to release the hostages.

“As a leader, if I say that money is not involved, I would be lying, but I cannot tell you how much money you gave,” Hayab said.

“The most important thing now is to let all the remaining children be released.”

The parents of Radika Bivan’s daughter as one of the abductees confirmed that 28 of them had been released, but stated that she had not seen her child among them.

After the kidnapping incident, Kaduna authorities have ordered the closure of schools in the area and 12 other schools, but did not specify when they will reopen.

Since December last year, about 1,000 students and elementary school students have been abducted across Nigeria. Most were released after negotiating with local officials, but some people are still in custody.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who has come under fire for the country’s growing insecurity, has ordered the security forces to ensure the safety and early release of all kidnapping victims.

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