Kenny Omega is excited about the possibility of facing the “very smart” Daniel Bryan and the “very detailed” CM Punk in AEW

AEW star Kenny Omega shared his excitement about possibly facing Daniel Bryan and CM Punk as he cheered his wrestlers.

WWE legends who are only 42 and 40 years old are According to reports, both parties are negotiating to quit and contract with Vince McMahon’s rival company..


AEW champion Kenny Omega talks about potential new signing CM PunkCredit: Getty Images-Getty
It is said that Daniel Bryan signed an agreement with Tony Khan’s promotion


It is said that Daniel Bryan signed an agreement with Tony Khan’s promotionCredit: Getty

The last time Brian appeared in an episode of SmackDown was on April 30th, After his WWE contract ended, he signed a contract with AEW.

It is said that punk is also talking to Tony Khan’s promoted official But the deal with the former UFC fighter has not been confirmed yet.

However, AEW champion Omega talked about the possibility that the two will sign on the dotted line and join the WWE rival.

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He says Dave Melzer Wrestling Watch Radio: “(This is) two very smart people. They found a way to classify. I don’t want to talk about deceiving the system, but this is a system that was not created for them.

“They can break every ceiling in front of them and become a true legend that will never be forgotten. Therefore, it is cool for me to think that I will be able to compete with these two people. Probably.

“But I think it’s because they are so prominent in WWE, and many of them feature clips, angles, and character work. For me, although the wrestling part is exciting, the ability to tell stories is even more exciting for me. People excited.”

Brian was forced to retire due to medical problems in 2016, but returned triumphantly after he finally recovered two years later.

Therefore, the thought that I will be able to compete with these two people is pretty cool to me.possible

Kenny Omega on Daniel Bryan and CM Punk

He is a five-time world champion, and Omega quoted his creation of “Yes!” The sport of 2014 was one of the greatest moments of wrestling.

He added: “Danielson, I still call him Brian Danielson, Daniel Brian, I always knew he was very smart.

“He is very smart, especially when it comes to professional wrestling. For him, to start a sport, a real and legal “is a sport” sport, for him to come up with that, he created it.

“No, there is absolutely no way. You can find written evidence and say,’Oh, we have always planned to let you have your WrestleMania moment and become a champion.’ I won’t believe it.

“Even if I saw it in front of me, I didn’t think it was my plan. But he made it a plan because he was too smart.

“He can turn everything around and become a superstar because he is smart enough in wrestling and business.

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“Just like in ROH, how can he hold those fans in his palm, he can hold the entire WWE universe in his palm with one word.

“Really, the only person I can think of who does this is Austin and’What?’. Really no one else can think of a word with such power. And wrestling ability? Of course, second to none.

“One of the crispest and most technically sound athletes to enter the ring, especially in this day and age.”

Punk Since announcing his retirement in 2014, he has not entered the ring, but he did reappear in the wrestling world in November 2019 As a member of the Fox Sports WWE backstage expert team.

One of the crispest and most technically sound athletes to enter the ring, especially in this day and age

Kenny Omega by Daniel Bryan

Nevertheless, fans still eagerly hope that he wears his boots, Omega claims that Phil Brooks can still get such support, which is very special.

He said: “CM Punk, a person who may have a different way of thinking from your current performer, your ordinary performer.

“And he has an incredible reputation, and to this day, his fans will still follow him to the ends of the world.

“A very dedicated fan group. That fan group believes that he is the best in the world and will be the best until the end of time.

“If you can have someone like this who follows your career so passionately, then you may have something very special.

“It just shows you the way he presents himself, the way he talks about himself, the way he talks to his opponents, his performance in the ring, the entrance music, his image.

“He is always very meticulous, and he is very smart about what he does.”

Daniel Bryan talks about the expiration of his contract with WWE

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