How to watch, listen and follow the installation of Governor Mary Simon

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CBC News is reporting on CBC TV, Gem, CBC Radio, the Listen app, and on the inauguration of Canada’s 30th Governor, Inukian leader and former ambassador Mary Simon in Inuktitut and English. You can also broadcast the ceremony live on the CBC Indigenous, CBC North and CBC Nunavut Facebook pages.

The CBC News Special will be hosted by the Chief Political Correspondent, with no commercials Rosemary Button On CBC TV, CBC News Network, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Gem And

This will be the first CBC news ever broadcast in English and Inuktitut, and it will lead the audience into the VIP arrival and intimate ceremony of Ottawa, and into Mary Simon’s hometown of Cujac, Quebec, to understand the community’s The response to this historic appointment.

The audio special program will be provided by Neil Koksal and Juanita Taylor On CBC Radio One and Canadian Broadcasting CorporationThe oath ceremony will also be broadcast in eight indigenous languages ??in multiple countries CBC Radio.

How to watch, play and listen on Monday:

  • CBC TV: 11 AM EST (12 AT, 12:30 NT, 10 CT, 9 MT, 8 PT), 90 minutes
  • CBC News Network, CBC Gem, and 10 AM Eastern Time (11 AT, 11:30 NT, 9 CT, 8 MT, 7 PT), 3 hours

  • CBC Radio One and CBC Listen: 11 AM EST (12 AM EST, 12:30 NT, 10 AM CT, 9 MT, 8 Pacific Time), 90 minutes

CBC Indigenous Facebook will host the English stream, and CBC Nunavut Facebook Hosting Inuit language flow and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation North Facebook Sharing both, as is Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News YouTube.

The CBC News special program will be broadcast in Inuktitut and English on CBC TV, Gem, CBC Radio, the Listen app and (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

On July 6, Simon became the first aboriginal to be appointed to the post of governor. She has a broad leadership background, including her serving as the former chairman of Tapiriit Kanatami, a national Inuit organization.

Simon is an Inuk from the village of Kuujjuaq along the Ungava Bay in Nunavik.

The incoming new governor enrolls at the Federal Fort Chimo Day School in Kuujjuaq.She is bilingual, speaks English and Inuit.

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