Does the $6 tip on the $8.50 label sound just right? Yes, it does. – Twin Cities

What is the right person?


An anonymous woman in São Paulo wrote: “Subject: A little kindness is needed now.

“Recently, I tried to go to restaurants-moms and pop musicians, etc. These restaurants still seem to be hurt by the interruption. Because we need to start the pump to help people live a stable life again.

“Today I met some retired women during happy hour in a restaurant. I divided a jar of margaritas ($5) and paid $6 plus tax for two tacos. But I added 6. The dollar was used as a tip because the place was not busy and the waiter did not become rich because of us. When I left, he almost hugged me.

“Just want to say: Taking care of our neighbors a little bit now can greatly help people feel good and hopeful again.

“In the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, the actor told Wonder Woman:’I can save today. You can save the world. I think these words apply to many situations, and we can help each other a little bit.’

Our state fair is the best state fair!

Big Eek, Southeast Minneapolis: “Subject: A Statement with Me to the State Fair”:

“I have been keen on collecting Big Little Books since I was a kid. I put them in a kid’s suitcase. They spent a dime at Woolworth’s. When I go home every year, I look at them in the attic. Then for a year They are not there! Where might they be?

“I asked my mother and she unfolded the story of “Big Book, Little Book”. She and my dad had friends from Belgium. They gave birth to three little girls. Unfortunately, the youngest one died. Later theirs The family visited our house, my mother sent eight and ten-year-old children to the attic to explore, while the adults were talking.

“The girls found BLB’s suitcase. They took it down. They couldn’t believe how precious they found. Of course, my mother said they could have them and suitcases. That’s so much BLB I collected. But wait…

“When I was at work, my wife used a stroller to push my eldest daughter to a second-hand store three miles back and forth. Once she took three BLBs home. Then I started to accumulate my new BLB collection, these BLB was obtained during our shopping trip every Saturday morning.

“The eldest daughter is an early reader. She is five years old and we read BLB together. She has to wait for me to read the bottom of each page. Now it is our collection, not my collection.

“My fingers no longer work properly. The middle-aged lady helped me collect this group of refrigerator magnets. This is my design and her execution. Forty-two refrigerator magnets are copies of the BLB cover in the family collection. I hope you like it.

“PS In the ninth grade history, we started a chronological four-year journey of world history in high school by studying cavemen. Our teacher Mr. H said that if we read a book about ancient civilizations, he would get extra points. When I asked “Og Son of Fire” (first row, second from right) if it counts, the whole class laughed. The teachers thought BLB was rubbish. Mr. H said he could count, and he did it.”

Come again?

Or: not entirely his thoughts

WALDO WINDMILL wrote: “A group of us formed a fantasy football league in the 1980s, long before such leagues became common. The pre-season draft of NFL football players has always been a highlight. I remember that we? Choose a quarterback, a position kicker, a close end, a pair of running backs and a wide receiver, and then by summing the league rookies in the actual NFL game scores to determine the winner of the fantasy league game.

“One year, our draft was held in a bar/restaurant in New Brighton. The draft continued as usual until it was the turn of the league member Byron to select a player in the final round. When Byron yelled “Lipps” When a charming young waitress walked past the table where he sat down, indicating that he had chosen Louis Lips, the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and quarterback Mark Malone’s regular pass goal. However, the waitress’s The response clearly showed her dissatisfaction with what she thought was another pass for her.

“Poor Byron doesn’t know what happened!”

Knowing yourself!

Or: permanent grandfather/grandson record

RED’S OFFSPRING, north of São Paulo: “Subject: Some things are unbelievable.

“We recently received an invitation to our grandson Nick’s high school graduation party. When I read about it, I remembered one thing about Nick being much younger.

“I don’t remember many details, but people are attending family gatherings on our deck. Whatever we are discussing, it will definitely spark some discussion of my past sports achievements.

“I will never forget Nick’s surprise when he asked:’Grandpa is an athlete?’

“Oh, the story I can tell…”

The forefront of graphic art

Or: older than dirt

ELVIS reports: “ELVIS recently visited the exquisite Milwaukee Art Museum. He encountered some confusing hieroglyphs and it took a lot of brains to figure it out.

“But then there was a pillar with three of the four symbols on it, and a translation:

“Obviously, people with disabilities will have problems on the stairs. (By the way, ELVIS thinks that someone advocates updating the wheelchair symbol from a static upright icon to a fast-moving icon that is cool.)

“Thanks to the arrows, finding the stairs is easy, but please note that the symbols have changed and now include genderless children assumed by ELVIS.

“Once ELVIS reached the bottom, the sign returned to the old-style’man’ and’woman’, allowing him to walk to the right door.

“ELVIS believes that staff may receive more requests for help regarding the location of the restrooms than before the updated graphics.”

a book

Or: Seeing is believing

Nininger’s astronomer: “Subject:’I will show you things you never dreamed of…’

“On the first day of class, the professor told his students what will happen this semester. He has been doing this for more than 30 years and has been able to keep his promise.

“He teaches astronomy and introduces students-students who may never take the second class in this field of study-to the universe. But they may also never forget this semester. Some subject areas do not render facts obsolete. , But our understanding of the universe is constantly being updated. This alone is exciting, and this semester will immerse students in an infectious way.

“This is not just a lecture. Thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope and all its fantastic images and NASA’s explorations, many ideas seem to come alive and burst out among students. At the same time, the Night Lab allowed The students are sitting in front of the eyepieces of the campus telescope, where they can observe the solar system, galaxies and the universe with their own eyes. They can feel Galileo seeing the four Jupiters with his low-power telescope for the first time about 400 years ago You must have experienced the same surprises as the main satellites. Words can hardly describe what you see. They say that seeing is believing. No matter how much doubt, when you see it with your own eyes, it does make you more receptive to scientific ideas. .

“When students themselves actually image a sunspot or measure the expansion of the universe, they will understand more fully. When they begin to understand the universe, what it looks like, and how it was formed, they will understand themselves more fully. And their place in it. Then they will be able to more thoroughly contact and know their God and their relationship with him.”

Permanent friendly record

Merlin of São Paulo wrote: “Subject: Adniels.

“I always thought our friendship would last a lifetime. We are Adnils (reverse our name). Two little girls who grew up together. Sharing a newly developed residential area near the airport. When we moved there, from the front of the house The sidewalk that came down ended in a muddy street. The cornfield across the street was waiting to be converted into more housing. When we were big enough to ride a tricycle, our houses were connected by the sidewalk, and we started to pedal. I’m from her When I jumped down from the tree, I broke my big toe, pretending that I was Tarzan. She dragged me home and sat on the back seat of her tricycle. We made “gorgeous” mud pies (painted with new street Tar) to try to feed the neighbor’s children. We played a piano duet at the recital (she is better than me). Later, we camped at William O’Brien State Park with friends/family every weekend, and it became Our summer house. Her family took me to summer vacation even though they already had six people (and their camping gear) crowded in a car. She was in charge of my BB nickname. We slipped notes into the music in junior high school Room piano to pass the notes. I will sign my “I or LYN”. She thought it was MERLYN, so it stuck. Years and places separate us, but we can always come back to remember our lives together.

“Recently, we re-established contact on Facebook Messenger in a brand new way. Check our daily status frequently. I will ask her about her home in California, near the fire and smoke. Although I am not worried, but What worries me is that a woman with asthma is in that environment. If she runs away, I give her a crash site. She refused. I will make things and send her pictures. She will give me Praise and share what she did. How much she hopes to lift the travel restrictions so that she can go to Norway again.

“It all stopped on July 10. I sent her my usual chat about life here and two photos of my current project. There was no response. This is strange. Oh, well, she must be busy . Then there was a call no one expected. Her sister told me that she went to the hospital and died. What happened? Did someone help her? No answer. I was in trouble. You can’t be the mother of this world, but you No one we love should be allowed to leave this earth, in obscurity. No matter how time and space divide us, we will always be the notorious Adniels, and I, her Merlyn.”

Permanent family record

Including: self-incrimination

Uncle AL of RIVER FALLS: “I have a family anecdote about BB, which tells the art of parenting.

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