Democrats name critics of Republican Trump as Congressional Riot Group | US and Canada News

House Speaker Pelosi said Adam Kinsinger will join the committee to investigate the fatal U.S. Congressional riots in January.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has appointed a Republican lawmaker who criticized former President Donald Trump to join an investigation team Deadly rebellion in the U.S. Capitol In January.

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Pelosi, appointed Republican Adam Kingsinger as Special committee A group of pro-Trump protesters are investigating the riots in Washington, DC on January 6.

Pelosi said in a statement that Kinsinger “brought great patriotism to the committee’s mission: to find the facts and protect our democracy.”

As a leading Republican said last week, the composition of the committee is marked by partisan quarrels. The party will boycott The process after Pelosi rejected the two Republican congressmen who wanted to join the panel by Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House Minority Party.

Members of Congress Jim Jordan and Jim Banks voted against proving Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. A series of false claims Trump and his supporters stated that the November 2020 vote was affected by widespread fraud.

Riots on January 6 A group of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Democrats and U.S. political observers argued that these false statements motivated them as lawmakers met to confirm Biden’s election victory.

Trump in late January Impeached The House of Representatives cited “sedition” as an excuse.

Pelosi said in an interview with ABC’s program of the week on Sunday: “The two people I will not appoint will jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. I will never tolerate their antics as we seek the truth.”

Kinsinger stated that he “humbly accepted” the proposal to join the House Committee and promised to “know the truth.”

“This moment requires a serious, sober, and non-partisan approach. It is our responsibility to conduct a full investigation of the worst attack on the Capitol since 1814 and ensure that it never happens again,” Kinsinger said on Sunday. Said in a statement shared on Twitter.

“I will work hard to ensure that we understand the truth and hold those responsible for the attack fully accountable.”

Kinsinger will join the Republican Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming as Republicans on the two committees, both elected by opposition leaders.

Kinsinger and Cheney are among 10 House Republicans who voted for Trump’s second impeachment Just a few days after the uprising. They are the only two Republicans who voted to form a special committee last month.

During his presidency, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives twice, but later Acquitted The Senate twice.

The first hearing of the House committee, which has the authority to call witnesses and documents, is scheduled for Tuesday.

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