Brianne Howey and Matt Ziering of Ginny & Georgia married at home in California four months after their wedding was cancelled due to the pandemic

BRIANNE Howey (BRIANNE Howey) finally said “I do” to his fiancee Matt Ziering after the wedding was cancelled due to the new crown virus (Covid).

Ginny and the Georgia star announced in March that they “postponed” their ceremony, but made up for it by raising a dog.


Brian and Matt officially tied the knotCredit: Instagram/@briannehowey
She starred in the Netflix original


She starred in the Netflix original “Ginny and Georgia”Credit: Netflix

On Saturday, 32-year-old Brianne married his 36-year-old fiancee Matt Ziering in a beautiful garden ceremony.

The couple was surrounded by relatives during an event held in a family home in Palos Verdes, California.

Netflix star tells people: “Being surrounded by so many people we love is the most wonderful feeling.

“This night is more magical than I thought,” she gushed.

Brian and Matt have a small guest list of just over 100 people, because they were finally able to say “I do” after being postponed last year.

The actress wore a gorgeous and stylish Loho A La Robe gown and walked down the aisle towards Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day”.

As far as meals are concerned, the two stayed casual at the catering service of Los Angeles restaurant Jon & Vinny’s.

Permanent extension

Brian and her husband originally planned to get married in October 2020, but their plan was cancelled. Affected by the epidemic.

They have previously worked with The magazine Regarding their decision to postpone, because they are still “hopeful” for the future.

“Hey, I’m Brian,” the rising genius began to say when her fiancee interjected, “and I’m Matt.”

Brianna continued: “We met more than five years ago, that is, more than five years ago.

“We met at several bars in Los Angeles for three consecutive nights.”

“Not completely random, but we have some friends in common, and now we are coming!” Matt added.

“We were supposed to get married in October, but as you know, Covid is happening.”

Brian then admitted: “We need to postpone”, and then her man said: “I hope we can get married this year. 2021!”

“We did not have a wedding in 2020, but raised a puppy!” Ginny and Georgia leaders exclaimed.

Ginny and Georgia

The California native recently played the role of Georgia Miller in the movie. Netflix original.

Brian plays a quirky 30-year-old mother in front of a 15-year-old rebellious teenager with a dark and ominous past.

After the first season aired, fans searched for news on the Internet. On April 19, The network revealed that the series has been renewed.

However, Not all feedback on popular shows is positive, Because the script discusses sensitive topics such as race and gender equality.

Show creator Sarah Lambert previously revealed that she chose to make Brian’s Ginny Lost his virginity in the first episode.

“A lot of our shows are metaphors about subversiveness, and one of my least favorite metaphors is that virginity is — and only for women, really — is something that requires persistence.

“I like what we do-what everyone is involved in and want to do-is, just in the pilot, make Ginny lose her virginity, because this will not be a show, of which that is part of her identity And the entire season is protected.

“We don’t want it to be this thing.”

Brian and Matt have been together for almost five years


Brian and Matt have been together for almost five yearsCredit: Instagram/@briannehowey
After postponing the wedding, they raised a dog in 2020


After postponing the wedding, they raised a dog in 2020Credit: Instagram/@briannehowey
Ginny and Georgia will return for season 2


Ginny and Georgia will return for season 2Credit: Netflix
Ginny and Georgia-Netflix series trailer

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