Bradly Sinden of Team GB lost the Taekwondo final, Chelsie Giles won a bronze medal in Judo

TEAM GB star Bradly Sinden was heartbroken after losing the 68kg taekwondo gold medal matchup with Ulugbek Rashitov and instead won the silver medal.

However, Chelsie Giles won a bronze medal for the GB team in a judo match against Fabienne Kocher.

Elsewhere, the gold medal defenses of Andy Murray and Jed Jones ended on the second day of the British dismal Tokyo Olympics.

Murray withdrew from his tennis singles champion defending a few hours before preparing to face Felix Ogle Aliasim, which made him a blockbuster.

Meanwhile, Jones was defeated by Kimia Alizadeh of the refugee team in the first obstacle.

The British women’s hockey team lost to Germany 2-1 in a close first game of the defending title.

But after another victory in the pool, Adam Peaty safely entered the men’s 100m breaststroke final.

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  • China’s gold

    Chen Lijun won the gold medal for the Chinese team in the men’s 67 kg weightlifting competition.

    In the process, he set a new Olympic record, lifting an incredible 332 kilograms and securing China’s sixth Olympic gold medal so far.

    They currently lead the medal list with 6 gold medals, ahead of the second-ranked host Japan, and have now won 5 gold medals.

  • Pay attention to prizes

    The following is a close-up of what the Tokyo athletes will compete for in the next two weeks.

  • Unfortunate brad

    The following is the moment when Bradly Sinden of the GB team won the silver medal in the Tokyo Men-68kg Taekwondo competition.

    This is the second Olympic medal won by the GB team following Chelsea Giles’ earlier bronze medal in taekwondo.

  • Basketball latest

    The American men’s team stammered in the fourth quarter against France.

    Their superstar team trailed France with 63 points with 7 minutes left, and 61 points behind.

  • Super Simeone

    Gymnastics superstar Simone Biles will participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for the first time.

    She started the race with three twisted double backflips and then bounced off the floor during the penultimate run.

    Nevertheless, it is still 14.133 points on the floor!

  • Action shots

    In the final of the men’s taekwondo-68kg competition, Doncaster’s Bradley Sinden lost to Uzbekistan’s Ulubek Rashitov 32-29.

    After the game, Xinden vowed to return to Paris in four years, hoping to win the gold medal for the GB team.

  • Hinton’s Silver

    This is what Bradly Sinden said about whether he is proud of his silver medal:

    “Perhaps eventually, but you are here to win the gold medal, and nothing else is here for us to celebrate.

    “My coach always says that Silver is the first loser, the best loser.

    “Maybe eventually I will overcome it but now it makes me [thinking] When I thought it was something I could take, I didn’t win the gold medal, but I would take it [things] Leave, improve it, and then become stronger. “

  • Talking

    The following is Bradly Sinden’s reaction to the silver medal in men’s-68kg taekwondo:

    “Yes, disappointed.

    “I think this is the gold medal I gave away.

    “Obviously he is a good fighter, and he has eliminated some good fighters all day long.

    “I made some mistakes. I think I was unlucky in some things, but that was taekwondo. You have to keep looking at the scores on the system.”

  • Xindeng won the silver award

    What a wonderful gold medal match.

    Urubek Rashitov defeated Bradley Sinden 32-29 in the men’s taekwondo-68kg final.

    With 10 seconds left in the game, Sinden shed tears, but Rashitov’s late header was enough to win the gold medal for the man from Uzbekistan.

    Sinden made great efforts, but he was far from satisfactory in the final obstacle.

    Despite winning the silver medal, the GB team won their second medal.

  • The third and final round

    Bradly Sinden is two minutes away from his gold medal game.

    After Ulugbek Rashitov’s chest was punched and kicked in quick succession, there was 1:30 remaining in the game.

  • End of the second quarter

    Ulugbek Rashitov remained in control after two of the three rounds.

    He was successful in hitting Xinden’s trunk and led 18-14 at the end of the second quarter.

    It wasn’t until the last few seconds to lead 18-11, but Sinden’s kick on the head meant that he reduced the score to 4 points in a round.

  • First end

    Ulugbek Rashitov was among the best after the first round.

    In the final seconds of the round, he led 13-8 after two quick header kicks and another kick in the corner.

    A header equals three points, so two quick headers changed the face of the first round.

  • Double whammy

    Ulugbek Rashitov quickly scored 6 points and kicking his head back to back means he is now 8-6 ahead.

    By the end of the first round, there was a very back-and-forth conflict.

  • The first point

    Ulugbek Rashitov hit the chest protector with a punch and scored the first point, then another.

    Sinden followed closely, kicking two feet into the trunk with one minute left in the first quarter, leading 4-2.

  • TEAM GB competes for the gold medal

    We are here.

    The British team’s Bradley Sinden’s battle for the gold medal in the men’s 68kg taekwondo event is about to begin.

    Doncaster-born Sinden competes with Ulubek Rashitov of Uzbekistan for the Olympic championship!

  • U.S. wins the gold medal

    The American player Anastasija Zolotic won the gold medal when she was only 18 years old.

    She defeated Tatiana Kudasova of the Russian Olympic Committee in the women’s taekwondo-57 kg final.

    This was a relatively simple 25-17 victory, which secured the United States’ fourth Olympic gold medal.

  • Gold medal match

    The battle for the gold medal in the women’s-57 kg class of Taekwondo has begun.

    Earlier today, the British athlete Jade Jones was knocked out in a shocking loss to Kimia Alizadeh of the Refugee Olympic team.

    Tatiana Kudasova of the Russian Olympic Committee played against Anastasia Zolotic of the United States.

  • Basketball latest

    After a quarter of the game, the superstar-filled American basketball team had the upper hand against the French team.

    Kevin Durant and Jason Tatum are both playing for the US team, the two most famous players in the NBA.

    With three-quarters left in the game, they led 22-15.

  • Half hour warning

    Now it is only half an hour before the GB team won the gold medal for the first time in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

    Bradley Sinden has pledged to win the silver medal in the men’s 68kg taekwondo event final, but he will fight for the gold medal in the final against Ulugbek Rashitov of Uzbekistan. 1.45pm.

  • Rhythmic gymnastics

    The British team spent a day in women’s rhythmic gymnastics.

    After four rounds of rotation, the British team ranked third in the qualifying rounds, second only to the Russian Olympic Committee and China.

    Especially Jennifer Gadirova (Jennifer Gadirova) left a deep impression when she was only 16 years old.

  • Typhoon problem

    Due to the threat of a typhoon hitting Japan, more events in the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed.

    The organizers suspended the men’s and women’s rowing races on Tuesday, July 25, after previously advancing Monday’s sailing events by one day.

    The medal round of the quadruple scull and double double double double double double double double competition has been postponed to Wednesday.

    The single scull semi-finals were originally scheduled to be held on Wednesday and will now be held on Thursday.

    Heavy rain is expected on Tuesday, and the weather on Wednesday and Thursday is also not very good.

  • The latest GB BEAM

    Jennifer Gadirova (Jennifer Gadirova) nailed the dismounting horse to the beam with her legs retracted and solid ground, and scored 13.300.

    This means that the GB team finished on the crossbar and entered the next round.

    GB currently ranks 5th in women’s all-around gymnastics with 79.898 points.

  • A-STAR Amelie

    Amelie Morgan of the GB team posted a wonderful opening routine on the crossbar.

    Her efforts earned her a score of 13.0333.

  • the fifth place

    Team GB finished fifth in the 4x100m freestyle relay, which is not enough to reach the finals.

    This is four-100ths slower than the Russian Olympic Committee, which took eighth place in the final.

    Eight teams in the two preliminaries advanced, and the GB team ranked ninth in total.

  • Excellent Emma

    Emma Wilson had a great day in the RS:X windsurfing event.

    She finished the day in fourth place and had a conversation with the British sailing team under her efforts.

    “There is very physical strength, very physical strength. In the first game we had a very good wind, and in the last game, it was actually pumping as hard as possible and then continuing to pump.

    “It’s very tiring, but we train for it every day, so we look forward to it.

    “It’s really cool. I participated in the Olympics for the first time, and it was the first day like this-I can’t ask for more, I really enjoy it.

    “I’m not nervous anymore. I was nervous before, but now I just look forward to relaxing and coming back tomorrow.

    “The key to stability on the racetrack is to be in the moment, enjoy it and keep working hard.

    “The plan is to recover and come back tomorrow to do the same thing.”

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